What is a Drag-and-Drop Editor?

Visuals play a huge role in the development of the consumers’ perception of your brand. 75% of users form their opinion of a site based on its visual aesthetics. Therefore, your low-cpde app needs to have an attractive and well-designed user interface. However, traditional app design techniques rely on huge amounts of complicated code to create simple visual elements.

With the rise of low-code solutions, drag-and-drop editors have become more vital for an effective app design. Drag-and-drop editors allow programmers to simply “drag and drop” any visual design element from a given set of options, which will automatically be supported with an appropriate coding language counterpart.

Advantages of Drag-and-Drop Editors

1) Higher accuracy

Errors made during the coding process can lead to absolutely disastrous results. App designers usually have to check an app’s code multiple times to ensure accuracy. Drag-and-drop editors allow software designers to save time by not having to check and validate tags repeatedly. Since the program automatically supports the coding language required to create visual elements on your website, the chances of error are significantly less than if it were done manually.

2) More focus on design

App development is a highly meticulous and time-consuming process. However, with the efficiency and accuracy of drag-and-drop editors, designers can spend much more time focusing on an app’s functionality and design instead of just the coding structure. This will allow your business to spend more time focusing on the user experience, which will help with the acceptance by the app’s users.

3) Accessible to non-programmers

Traditional software development involved businesses creating a list of requirements, with software programmers incorporating them. But with the rise of the drag-and-drop editor enabled low-code platforms, app development teams now consist of a hybrid of skilled software engineers and business professionals with little to no coding experience.

Citizen Developers can now use a variety of prebuilt apps and use a Drag-and-Drop editor to adjust them to their needs, without the need of a skilled software programmer. According to Gartner, approximately 79% of businesses builds web applications using citizen development.

Low-code drag-and-drop builder

The low-code page builder in Corteza makes app development much simpler than ever before. With a drag-and-drop editor in which you can place, resize and move page blocks you can create the perfect overviews. Get a free trial of Corteza and see your business reach new heights.

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