What Is a Content Tracking?

With the rise of digitalization and its integration with various business processes, companies have turned towards digital marketing to make online content visible to target consumers.

However, it is also extremely essential for businesses that produce digital marketing content to practice digital content tracking. Digital content tracking is defined as tracking the performance of content after the production and distribution process.

Content tracking has a wide variety of benefits, such as helping businesses find new ideas for potential content, monitoring a brand’s online presence, measuring the performance of individual pieces of content, and more.

Therefore, many businesses take advantage of content tracking software solutions that can automatically collect, track and analyze marketing campaigns and produce valuable insights.

How Does Content Tracking Work?

1) Identifying Content across Designated Sites

Distributing and managing content on your business’s websites is relatively easy to track and analyze results. However, when your business produces content for external publications, such as e-commerce partners, it can be challenging to track results of content post-distribution.

Therefore, content tracking software solutions can enable your business to use web crawlers that can find and analyze your business’s content on external designated websites after distribution.

2) Identifying Content across the Internet

It is extremely important for your business to search through multiple websites outside of your designated list of e-commerce partners and websites to ensure that your original organizational content has not been replicated without authorization.

Content trackers equipped with image recognition and digital watermarking tools can help your business search through different websites and social media platforms for replicated content.

3) Measuring Performance of Content

Content tracking software solutions can allow you to place metric trackers on various pages of your business’s website, such as the number of clicks, average website time, engagement, impressions, and much more.

These metrics can help your business obtain valuable insights that can help you further develop and refine your content management strategy. Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is equipped with data-rich dashboards that can help your business obtain a 360-degree overview of online viewers and website data in general.

4) Content Usage Compliance

When creating and distributing content, your business needs to ensure that produced content meets previously established brand and usage compliance requirements. Therefore content tracking software solutions can help your business ensure that the rights to website content have not expired and are accessible under copyright.

Planet Crust’s CRM – Build Your Own Content Tracker

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source CRM platform is the perfect tool to help your business build its own content tracker. It is flexible, scalable, and secure.

Furthermore, Planet Crust’s software solutions are equipped with robust data reporting features, such as graphic visualization and chart-making tools, data-rich dashboards that can provide a 360-degree overview of all organizational information, end-to-end workflow automation engines, and much more.

Get a free trial so that your business can build and take advantage of the various benefits of content trackers.

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