What Is a Citizen Developer?

In the rapidly growing business world, technology offers new ways to improve and expand the business. The evolution in technology has made companies rethink their resources, services, and software. This is a challenging factor that every company should acquire perfect software to glorify their business.

Has your business refreshed to introduce development or so far igniting with a tedious working structure? If not, perhaps your organization needs some help from resident citizen developers. This article is essentially the ideal solution for your business.

What is a Citizen Developer?

A citizen developer is a non-technical user who creates business applications. So, they are normally not skilled in IT and professional training. However, they do have key knowledge about what a business app should do for them, to solve their problems and increase productivity.
Development by them is done in platforms that are easy and fast to learn to use, and that mix powerful features with flexibility. Low-code and no-code platforms stand out here, because they allow citizen developers to develop apps without the need, or with very little need, of training. They don’t know how to code, so they use platforms that allow them to develop without coding.

Benefits of Citizen Developers

The following are the main benefits of Citizen Developers:

  • Citizen developers have key knowledge about their business or organisation. Citizen development empowers them, forsters autonomy and enables them to get work done faster and more easily.
  • They relieve the burden on the IT department.
  • You don’t depend on specific development skill any more.
  • Citizen developers are more engaged, and more engaged employees increase productivity.

Why Should You Choose Crust for Citizen Development?

Crust is the top low-code platform that helps you to engage your employees to become citizen developers. It’s easy to use and comes with pre-built apps, such as the CRM suite. So, citizen developers can modify the CRM if they need custom CRM functionality. On the other hand, they can quickly spin up any new app they wish.

Additionally, Crust is completely open-source. One of the key reasons for citizen development is to not depend on a certain tech skill any more. For example, if you use Salesforce, and your instance uses Salesforce’s proprietary Apex code, you depend on developers that are trained in it. And there is huge demand in them. So, go low-code, and go open-source.

Want to see the platform? Try it out in an online demo!

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