What is a changelog

What Is a Changelog?

A changelog is defined as a specific file that records, details, and describes an ordered list of each change made during an organizational project in chronological order.

A changelog usually includes a comprehensive list of updated features, added or removed from a project, along with the date that the change occurred. This includes new application software capabilities, bug fixes, and updates.

In our constantly changing business landscape, application users need to be made aware of changes or updates to the software or applications that they use daily. Therefore, changelogs should be understandable for both organizational, administrative employees, software developers, and application users.

Purpose of maintaining changelog

Keeping employees and application users on the same page

When multiple developers and departments work on a single organizational project, it is essential to ensure that each employee stays informed about significant updates and changes.

However, in larger projects, this can prove to be time-consuming and non-feasible. By creating and maintaining a changelog, your business’s employees can stay well informed about changes and updates to a project. As well as the date they occurred.

Furthermore, a changelog can also prove extremely useful for application users as it can help them stay informed of significant changes that can enhance or alter their user experience. Public changelogs for open-source projects such as Corteza can also help users stay updated on progress on upcoming projects.

Keeping employees and application users on the same page

Addressing production bugs and errors

The longer the software bugs are not addressed during the coding cycle, the more difficult they will be to address later. This can be even more disastrous if the software is released with significantly noticeable bugs that affect user experience. With the help of a well-maintained changelog, businesses can check which features were published during a particular release to narrow down the potential cause of a bug or error.

Valuable data and insights for future projects 

The key to measuring organizational productivity is to set clear long-term goals and objectives for individual projects. However, certain goals can be difficult to track in terms of specific chronological timelines and product releases.

However, changelogs can provide project metrics and data to develop valuable insights, which can be used to track organizational productivity and efficiency. These insights can further be utilized to develop and plan future projects. This will enable your business to learn from past mistakes and improve products and services in the long run.

Comprehensive and holistic Changelog

Corteza- Comprehensive and Holistic Changelog

Crust’s open-source low-code digital work platform, Corteza, is the perfect tool that helps your business build key scalable cloud-based enterprise applications, protect user data security and encryption and grow overall organizational productivity.

Corteza promotes and encourages openly accessible and modifiable source code for all its applications and tools. Furthermore, Corteza’s Changelog is publicly accessible, allowing users to keep track of changes to existing and upcoming projects. Try a demo to see how you can take advantage of Corteza’s high-functioning application software.

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