What Does “Apache 2.0 License” Mean?

A software license is defined as a legal agreement between an end-user and the owner of a particular software program that details the terms and agreements for the use and distribution of the software.

Furthermore, a software license usually outlines how many times a particular software can be downloaded, how much the use of the software costs, and the varying levels of source code access that end-users can take advantage of. The software license is an extremely important factor in ensuring that the legal and permissive rights of all involved parties of a software program are appropriately maintained.

The Apache 2.0 license is a particular type of open-source, permissive software license that ensures that end-users are granted a license to any patent that is covered by the software in question. An Apache 2.0 license ensures the security and availability of safe and powerful open-source software.

Features Of The Apache 2.0 License

1) Commercial Use

Under the Apache 2.0 license, end-users can create their own proprietary software and offer the licensed code of the original software to customers. End-users can utilize the Apache 2.0 license in any commercially licensed software or enterprise application for free.

However, Apache trademarks must not be used in the licensed proprietary software or any of the software’s legal or organizational documentation. Studies show that the Apache 2.0 license is used by approximately 31.1% of websites with known web servers.

2) Source Code Modification and Distribution

The Apache 2.0 license allows software developers to alter the source code of existing software’s source code, copy the original source code or update the source code. Furthermore, developers can then distribute any copies or modifications that they make of the software’s source code.

Users must include a copy of their Apache 2.0 license, a clear attribution to it, and clearly identifiable modification notices on all altered files.

3) Establish Patent Claims

The terms of the Apache 2.0 license state that end-users are provided perpetual and non-exclusive rights to patents and copyrights. Users are also permitted to create copyright statements for their modified software’s source code.

Furthermore, users can create their own specific terms and conditions for the use, distribution, modification, and reproduction of their modified software as it does not necessarily need to be made commercially available under the same software license.

Corteza – Take Advantage of The Power Of An Apache 2.0 License

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