What does an IoT Platform do?

In this digital era, we are experiencing an explosion of technical solutions in every walk of life. One such extravagant solution is IoT or Internet of Things. While there are plenty of terms and definitions revolving around the concept of software for IoT, it becomes trivial for things to get a bit twisted and get diverted from the main point.

So, let’s hop in and see what exactly an IoT platform is and what industrial IoT solutions have in the box for you and your organization!

What is an IoT Solution?

IoT solutions are multi-layer support software or technical solutions that connect edge hardware, data networks, access points, and several components to the other part of the value chain or the end-user applications. An IoT platform typically deals with the current management tasks, data visualization, enables straight forwards provisioning, creates IoT dashboards, and automates the connected devices in the IoT environment. These platforms are emerging as the backbone of the IoT deployments- growing at a CAGR of 33%, and its market is expected to be around $22.3 billion by 2023.

How can an IoT platform do wonders for your business?

The scalability, user-friendliness, interoperability, data security, and implementation options make an open-source IoT platform a perfect solution from which you can benefit beyond your imagination.

  1. Efficient Hardware Connectivity

    An IoT platform plays a vital role in equipping your products and services with remote controlled and real-time monitoring systems, generating configurable notifications using sensors, and providing club integration services for effective data flow.

  2. Security and Authentication of devices and users

    An IoT platform readily secures the data transmitted between the users and servers via various communication channels. It also provides the control of the user access and the ownership of the entire data in the IoT environment. Thus, it ensures that you can operate accordingly and offer better services to the users without any hassles.

  3. Collection and Visualization of Data

    Irrespective of being hosted on an on-site server or the cloud, an IoT open-source platform collects every bit of the data within the IoT environment. It later processes the entire data, analyzes, and gives superior insights that would be immensely useful for your business. Also, you would be able to make independent decisions and implement strategies within the system.

  4. Productively handles various communication protocols

    Equipped with the supreme telecommunications framework and data networks, an IoT platform serves as a channel, to communicate with various entities and devices involved within the IoT system and the cloud. Depending upon the management and project requirements, communication and connectivity solutions are provided with magnificent features such as network agility, reliability, security, and more.

  5. Easy Integration with other Web Services

    The operation and tasks related to data and software that are not only carried out or limited to the IoT environment itself but can be carried out effectively to and from the cloud or server. With such ease, the data transmission between the server and users and the performance of the devices involved gets improved in no time.

Build your Own Open-Source IoT Dashboard

So, instead of the expensive and time-consuming process of developing secure software, you can readily use the IoT platforms to get things done smoothly without any troubles. And to make this, even more, simpler, the Low Code Platform from Crust, your own IoT dashboard is here at your service. With excellent features of automation, cloud architecture, and data models, etc. upscale your business now with Crust.

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