What Could Make The Healthcare System More Efficient?

Digital technology continues to evolve and the amount of case-related patient data that healthcare institutions are expected to collect, track and analyze increases exponentially. This has created the need for health care systems to become more efficient to manage the growing demands of the patients.

However, manually keeping track of patient data can prove to be extremely time-consuming and tedious. It can even lead to potentially life-threatening errors. Therefore, healthcare institutions can leverage the power of low-code technology to make healthcare provision and patient management more efficient and productive in the long run.

Furthermore, low-code solutions can help modern healthcare institutions develop and deploy powerful enterprise applications. Recent studies have shown that low-code application development platforms have the potential to reduce development time by up to 90%.

Tools That Can Make The Healthcare System More Efficient

1) Electronic Record Documentation

Electronic documentation of administrative and patient health records can help your healthcare institution collect and store case-related patient data in a centralized data repository.

Also, electronic healthcare record documentation can help improve overall organizational productivity. It can increase ease of access to a patient’s important medical data, improve data governance and encryption of sensitive organizational data and personal patient details. Furthermore, a healthcare record fosters seamless integration with other administrative systems.

2) Remote Patient Monitoring

Your healthcare institution can take advantage of low-code technology. With it, you can create and provide a platform to continuously monitor patients with conditions or illnesses that require consistent attention at regular time intervals. Remote patient monitoring systems can not only reduce the burden on healthcare professionals by reducing the necessity of in-person appointments but can also help ensure that patients are given the best healthcare provision process possible.

3) Patient Referral Tracking

Tracking patient referrals is an extremely important aspect of fostering and maintaining effective communication among different healthcare specialists, institutions, and patients.

Furthermore, patient referral tracking can help your healthcare institution retain existing patients and acquire new prospective patients. This not only benefits patients in the long run by assuring them an effective healthcare provision process. It can also help increase the profitability of your healthcare institution.

4) Patient Interaction Portals

Low-code technology can help your healthcare institution create a patient interaction portal to effectively and efficiently share. For instance, data such as appointment monitoring, billing, payments, prescription volumes, test results, and more.

Furthermore, patient portals can provide patients with 24-hour access to healthcare without requiring them to visit your institution in person or communicate with a healthcare provider. Also, it allows them to maintain constant communication with healthcare professionals, optimize medical workflows and streamline administrative business processes.

Crust – Revitalize and Revolutionize Your Institution’s Healthcare Systems

Crust’s open-source, low-code software can help your healthcare institution completely revitalize and revolutionize its operations and overall management. Crust’s low-code tools are equipped with data-rich dashboards. Crust’s dashboards can provide a comprehensive and holistic overview of patient data, graphic visualization features, chart-making tools, visual builders, drag-and-drop editors, and more. Try a demo so that your healthcare institution can take advantage of the various benefits of low-code technology.

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    Thank you for your tips on improving the efficiency of your healthcare institution. I agree with you that an electronic record documentation solution can make an improvement to the overall productivity of your organization. I think it would also be helpful to invest in an exclusion screening service that will help to improve your processes.


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