What Business Processes can be Automated?

Theoretically, any business process can be automated. It’s a question of capturing the logic correctly and encoding it in an appropriate manner. This can be via visual builds, flow diagrams or scripting. Ultimately, it’s all about being results-oriented. Are you building a CRM suite or a service solution? Do you want to create custom business apps or do you solely have a customer-focused approach? Are you implementing an entire digital transformation strategy or is your requirement more niche?

All Business Processes in Crust Low-Code can be Automated?

Whatever your needs are, it’s important to choose a platform that is flexible enough to cater not just for your current requirements, but also for future change. Crust, the open-source Low-Code platform, conveniently facilitates both points. The feature set splits conveniently into three components:

  • Data Layer. This is where you design and assemble your data model. In fact, you can deliver as many data models and low-code applications as you want on one Crust platform. For example, your CRM for finance can sit comfortably alongside your wealth management system and digital borrowing journey can interact with elements of both.
  • Frontend User Interface. The Crust Low-Code exists independently of the data model. In fact, it’s possible to have different user interfaces which use identical data models. This allows you to concentrate on the above mentioned customer-focused approach, for example.
  • The all important Automation Engine. The great thing about Crust is that its automation
    engine, “Corredor” can interact with any component anywhere in the entire system. This includes any new application that your organisation builds on the platform.

The power of Corredor

Not only can Corredor interact with any component in the entire system, it also speaks natively over the comprehensive Crust Rest API. So, for example, your management software can speak seamlessly to your customer health portal.

Furthermore you can use Corredor to not just interact with, but to customize any component in the system. This includes making changes on-the-fly depending on user actions, triggering event sequences and schedules or simply inserting new components to facilitate a user journey.

Crust’s intuitive, visual approach to application building means your organisation can prototype applications easily. This makes identifying required process automation even more straightforward and it’s a great way to short-circuit the development process safely and effectively. After all, automating business processes is about making your organisation more efficient 🙂

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