What are the most used Business Apps?

It’s the 21st century, and the digital age is finally upon us. Technology has taken over almost every aspect of human life, especially the business sector. Business professionals as well as, consumers prefer digital services as compared to one-on-one support now. In 2019, a whopping 204 billion apps were downloaded across the globe. Understanding which apps are apt for your business is hence critical to growth.

The most used business apps are the ones that facilitate data management, boost marketing, and enable revenue collection. Many popular apps are either paid, freemium (free, but with limits, such as user limits and reduced features). or open-source, ensuring that they are accessible by most users. However, few excellent tools offer enhanced services and extra features in exchange for small periodic deposits.

Apps preferred by business professionals

1. Email Apps

Emails are both excellent communication as well as marketing tools. Most email apps are free and support all forms of text and media. In 2019, the global email count amounted to 3.9 billion users. As many as 87% of marketers use email marketing to distribute their content.

2. Video-conferencing apps

In today’s scenario, video-conferencing apps are as good as a survival tool. According to TrustRadius, web and video conferencing saw an increased of 500% in buyer activity since the pandemic outbreak. From official meetings to recruitment interviews, business activities would have been impossible to conduct without video-conferencing in the post-pandemic scenario. Crust has Jitsi integrated, which is a free video-conferencing solution.

3. Ecommerce and Payment apps

Businesses operate for and because of profits. This is why setting direct payment channels for products and services is crucial for companies. Many businesses set up their eCommerce stores and payment gateways. A software developer or a low-code solution can help you set them up for your business.

4. Automation tools

Owing to their apparent benefits, automation tools are becoming more and more popular in the business sector. According to APSIS, 80% of marketing professionals who use automation software see an increase in their sales leads, and 77% convert leads more efficiently.

The workflow automation engine Corredor that comes with Crust is an excellent automation tool that can be used to automate office processes, customer correspondence and more.

5. CRM solution

A CRM solution is a tool that is used to manage relationships with customers and so much more. It is a software solution that brings many of the popular business tools in one unified place. CRM platforms are more than just customer retention tools. They not only help in task management but also enhance marketing and bring in more sales.

CRM software solutions are even known to improve the overall efficiency of employees. A study by Forester claims that 50% of teams improve their productivity by using CRM software. Unsurprisingly, CRM solutions are becoming an indispensable tool for management professionals, with 65% of businesses adopting a CRM within five years of its conception.

Crust: the all-encompassing solution for all business needs

A brilliant Salesforce alternative, the open-source low-code platform created by Crust enables you to build the apps you need. Get a demo of this all-encompassing business tool by contacting the helpful Crust support team.

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