What Are The Most Adaptive Tools For ISV

An ISV company is defined as any software developer or organization that creates, refines, and sells software that runs on a minimum of one hardware or operating system to other organizations or individuals. ISV companies distribute software to end-users using commercial agreements while still retaining all intellectual property and ownership rights.

ISV companies create and distribute software, integrate software from other digital solution providers, distribute software through cloud-based distribution channels and satisfy specific niche industry software requirements. The global ISV industry is expected to reach a market value of approximately $408.15 million by 2026, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.5%.

Most Adaptive Tools For ISV Companies

1) Software As A Service (SAAS)

As digital technology continues to evolve at an exponential rate, many ISV companies are now using SAAS distribution models as a method of solution delivery.

Using SAAS distribution models has a wide variety of benefits that ISV companies can take advantage of. For instance, universal accessibility to enterprise software, business process automation which ultimately increases organizational profitability, configuring applications, and reduces the amount of time spent on certain administrative tasks such as billing, payments and adding end-users.

Furthermore, SAAS transitions can help ISV companies gain deeper insights, optimize the services they offer to end-users, decipher new revenue streams and take advantage of data analytical capabilities.

2) Partnership Benefits

ISV companies will typically partner and foster business alliances with larger technological organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, and Oracle as a tool to further organizational growth, digital transformation and create the most versatile software products possible.

Creating partnerships with larger digital enterprises can provide ISV companies with a number of advantages such as gaining access to new prospective customers through a trusted channel, gaining access to the partner’s powerful promotional and technological resources, profit-sharing strategies, prospective lead conversion campaigns, guidance from niche industry experts and much more.

3) Low-Code

Research indicates that 84% of enterprises have adopted low-code technology to reduce strain on scarce organizational resources, increase the speed of product development cycles and facilitate digital transformation. As ISV companies continue to adopt low-code technology into their business processes, they are able to modernize their software much faster than ever before.

ISV companies can leverage the power of low-code technology to foster the modernization of application software, scaling up without having to compromise on quality and ultimately saving organizational financial resources.

Planet Crust – The Perfect ISV Solutions For Your Business

Planet Crust, an ISV company, offers users powerful and advanced CRM software that can significantly improve organizational innovation and facilitate long-term growth.

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source CRM software is equipped with features such as a data-rich dashboard that can provide a 360-degree overview and comprehensive insight into organizational data and information, end-to-end automation engines, visual workflow builders, scalable cloud-ready architecture, drag-and-drop editors, advanced data reporting tools, instant deployment and much more.

Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of low-code, open-source CRM technology.

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