What are the Benefits of Citizen Development?

Technology is the coil of the business world. Business units are continually evolving with their digital presence. A business leader is someone who optimizes the usage of the software application to maximize the benefits for the business.

Is your organization still struggling to be digitized? If yes, then, this is the right time to make or break a decision to improve your business with citizen developers. This article will help you to have a successful digitized business.

What are Citizen Developers?

Citizen developers are non-IT sector-based professionals, who gain the ability to develop applications with a low-code platform. The arrival of citizen developers vanished the shadow of IT sector industries in all business. A citizen developer can work on different software development platforms. The citizen developers use the pre-developed or pre-programmed application to develop software for the business. The business can use citizen developers to build an application that performs the essential task and functions. Citizen development applications are developed without the usage of the traditional method of coding. The citizen developers use low-code or no-code platform technology which makes application development easier than ever. The low-code application development platform is the best choice for every citizen developer.

Why Should Your Business Have Citizen Developers?

Developing applications for a business is not new; companies use various software to develop them using database tools and spreadsheets. But these acquired methods are not IT approved technology. Whereas the citizen developers are the professionals who develop IT approved applications for business using low-code platforms. The citizen developers might be new, but organizations have started understanding the positive impacts of empowering the citizen developer. According to recent statistics information from Gartner report, 61% of the organizations are having or planning to empower the citizen developers for their business.

What are the Benefits of Having Citizen Developers for Your Business?

#1. Save your crucial time

Often, companies get frustrated with the inability and delay caused by developers. Developers consume massive amounts of time to develop software. But business applications do not have to stagger behind to escape the complicated IT structure, it is wise to own low-code software and citizen developers.

#2. IT sector inability

According to the recent research report the business is hugely affected by the inability of IT sectors. The statistical figures are surprising. Around 62% of employees are frustrated, 50% of businesses are unable to meet key targets, 49% of companies lost cost reduction opportunities, and 48% of companies lost their business standard with the competitors.

#3. Advancement in technology

The application development world is constantly growing every day. According to the predictions, more than 500 million app users will evolve by 2023. The citizen developers have unlimited resources that would never be expected to end, whereas IT sectors don’t possess this advancement in application development.

#4. Have high security for your business

In technology development, the biggest disadvantage is a loss of security and privacy, but your low-code based business applications are highly secured from the cyber-attacks. So, your business applications are in safe mode.

Why Should you Choose Crust for Your Business?

A recent study confirms that 78% of businesses and companies are under the IT sector shadow, which causes loss and increased expenditure. To save your business from the IT sector’s surveillance and shadow, switch to programs like citizen development.  Join us today to experience independence from the IT sector burdens.

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