What Are The 4 Most Fascinating Predictions For Low-Code?

An epitome of modern advancement, the low-code technology has empowered several businesses and individuals to devise apps, websites and software that they would otherwise not be able to create. The widely accessible software-creation solution has changed the paradigm of digital advancement that otherwise only tilted in favour of trained software developers and hard coders.

With its growing lucrative benefits, the low-code market keeps expanding with no end in sight. Hence, it is no wonder that the low-code software industry is estimated to be worth over $27 billion by the year 2022. Because of the recently-erupted limitations in the business sector, low-code application development has become an increasing priority for most companies. The acceptance for low code software is only expected to increase further and more rapidly over the years to come.

Most fascinating predictions for low-code

1. Increase in remote work and remote access technologies

Due to the recent geographical limitations to work due to the pandemic, many businesses were forced to adjust to complete remote functioning. This became possible through an increased dependency on digital communication and online processing and development. Gartner even observed a 400% increase in client queries concerning remote access technologies.

Organizations that embraced low-code cloud platforms and software during the pandemic were able to function better when compared to their counterparts that remained loyal to more traditional platforms. As remote work continues to be a necessity for employees, low-code software will continue to be optimised to accommodate virtual organizational productivity. Planet Crust’s open-source low-code solution subscribes to a microservice architecture deployed via the market’s leading cloud-container solution, Docker.

2. Changes in software development teams

Previously, the software development process has typically seen higher-level management provide software developers with a specific list of requirements and criteria, with the developer then trying to incorporate as many of these specifications as possible.

However, with the rise of low-code software being incorporated more in larger organizations, software development teams will begin to include a hybrid of software developers and business professionals with little to no coding experience.

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

Due to the reduced amount of time required for software development teams to create innovative and effective applications using low code software, overall organizational productivity and efficiency will increase as low code software platforms’ popularity increases. 72% of low-code software developers required less than four months to create digital applications as compared to the drastically longer period of time required by developers using more traditional forms of software development.

Therefore, as the usage of low code software increases, developers will be able to increase their overall productivity within the organization. Planet Crust’s all-encompassing low-code offers the best automation services for your apps, including easy-to-use app-building features like ‘drag and drop’ builders. This saves your developers a lot of time that goes into lines of repetitive code.

4. Increased internal security

Breaches in an organization’s internal security can result in a damaged brand reputation and significant financial losses. However, with the rise of low-code software platforms, businesses have been able to not only improve their internal security defence mechanisms but also restrict access to sensitive company and customer data and information to only those that truly require it. Therefore, as low-code software advancements continue, increased internal organizational security will become more of a priority and will be easier to achieve.


The open-source low-code solution by Planet Crust is a frontrunner in all the technological changes that are set to revolutionize the digital-development scenario in the future. You can take advantage of the numerous benefits of Planet Crust’s low-code application, which are only expected to increase in the years to come. Get started for free today to find out how Planet Crust’s varied tools can help your business use low code software to your organization’s benefit as well as better engage with your customers.

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