The Main Benefits of Visitor Management

Managing the number of visitors visiting your business on a day to day basis is a vital aspect of maintaining, evaluating and enhancing your organisation’s overall productivity rate.

However, the use of manual data collection methods such as guest books and physical data entry systems is time-consuming, prone to potential inaccuracies, and lacks the effective data security protection that visitor management software can provide.

Visitor management is a system that helps organisations keep records of people who visit their site. It is used to protect the workplace and the employees from unprecedented interactions with customers. It also helps enhance the customer experience. Studies have shown that 76% of respondents reported that visitor management software improved their overall visitor feedback.

Benefits of Visitor Management

1) Cost-effective

Visitor Management can allow you to automate and streamline your visitor activity. Therefore, this can lead to an overall reduction in the associated processing cost per individual visitor, which will lead to significant financial savings in the long run. Potential costs such as fixing security breaches can also be eliminated by taking advantage of secure visitor management software.

2) Pre-registration

If a visitor is expected at a particular time, they can be pre-registered ahead of their visit. This can help significantly speed up and improve the efficiency of the visitor registration process. Registration confirmation emails containing locational directions and meeting details can be automatically generated and sent to expected pre-registered visitors. This will help substantially improve your relationship with current and prospective customers by making a great first impression.

3) Efficiency

Manual paper-based visitor data entry systems are time-consuming and tedious to maintain. Manual entry systems are also extremely prone to human error, which can lead to disastrous data inaccuracies.

However, advancements in digital technology mean that visitor management software can now record, collect and display visitor data using a variety of scanners, cameras and high functioning software.

This increased ease of data entry will allow your business to exponentially increase the efficiency of overall organisational operations. Self-service features also allow employees to work on other organisational tasks at hand.

4) Security

The level of data security for paper-based visitor records is extremely minimal. At a time where digital data has become a valuable commodity, it is extremely vital to protect your visitor’s data and personal information.

Visitor management systems come equipped with various security mechanisms such as password-protected content, data encryption and firewalls so that you can best protect your business’s visitors. In fact, research has shown 92% of respondents stated that a visitor management system created a safer business environment.

The Perfect Visitor Management Software For You

As paperless data management becomes more and more of a priority, visitor management systems are becoming more popular. Visitor Management has various different benefits, including enhanced data security, increased efficiency, visitor pre-registration and better use of financial resources.

Corteza, the open-source low-code platform devloped by Crust, is the perfect tool to assist your organisation’s visitor management. Try a demo to see how you can revitalise your organisation’s visitor management.

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