The Best Customer Service Experience is Built on Corteza

Building a great customer service platform is no easy task. Mapping customer experience and user journeys is complex and ever-changing. Ensuring your technology keeps up requires a platform sufficiently flexible and extensible – but it can’t be a headache to maintain either. Unifying identity, customer records, communications and interactions, marketing requirements, processing queries and complaints and delivering varied customer engagement applications securely requires the right tools at your disposal.

As the world’s most advanced open source CRM and the No. 1 secure private cloud alternative to Salesforce, Crust’s CRM Suite delivers a unified approach to co-ordinating and simplifying the customer user experience for both your organisation and its customers.

1. The platform approach is key

Corteza allows you to build detailed bespoke workflows and automations, add entire third party services, pull in feeds from disparate systems, split native services, create multiple sub-organisations, manage granular permissions and use your customers’ existing identities.

2. “Customer Scale”

Most businesses have far more customers than employees. Corteza can extend to every single last one of them. Not just records, but communication, identities and their preferred services. Corteza enables your organisation to tailor the customer service experience with unprecedented granularity and manageability.

3. Re-usable Business Logic

Corteza’s re-usable business logic is a fantastic competitive advantage, allowing your business to refresh and re-iterate your customer service systems without having to re-invent the wheel each time. With Corteza’s low code approach, multiple variants of the same application can be easily delivered without increasing overhead or distinctly different customer service applications can be built with relationships easily established between them.

4. Extend with API’s

Everyone says they have them, but it doesn’t make great API’s any less important. The right interfaces make extending your Corteza platform straightforward and effective from day one.

5. Ease of Navigation

Corteza’s user interface’s are intuitive and have been crafted with a familiar look and feel. Navigating Corteza couldn’t be easier, be it for single application deployments or for rich multi-channel customer engagement experiences. Make the experience your organisation delivers sharp and to-the-point or keep your customer engaged in your environment all day long.

6. Make the Most of your Data.

With a combination of open data formats, open standards and great API’s, Corteza allows you to interface with modern AI and machine learning to get the most from your data and drive the customer experience to new heights.

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