Planet Crust releases Corteza 2023.3.2

Planet Crust, the driving force behind Corteza, has released a new update of Corteza that includes new features, changes and fixes.

Release notes:

  • Added option for transparent color in the color picker used in Admin, and Reporter. The change was added to give users more configuration options when selecting color or background color for an element (1211).
  • Added the option to set a record list filter as a preset filter for a user. The filter can be applied using the ‘Filters’ dropdown menu. The change was added to give the user the ability to pick a pre-configured filter (1227).
  • Added menu with ‘more’ options (delete, un-delete, and permissions) to resource lists in Low Code, Admin, Reporter, and Workflow. The change was added so the user doesn’t have to scroll horizontally to access all resource options (46f5455).
  • Added a stale data error in case resources like workflows are updated whilst a different user is editing the same resource. The change was added to help reduce configuration errors due to multiple people editing the same resource at the same time (2529cf3).
  • Added button to select all records in a record list and preform the actions edit, delete, un-delete as well as executing workflows. The change was added to provide the user with an easier way to edit, delete, un-delete, and execute workflows on records across multiple pages (89f621c).
  • Changed the way reminders in Low Code look and behave which provides an easier way for the user to work with. The change was made to be consistent with the rest of the Corteza UI and improve the UX (1239).
  • Changed the feedback email domain in the page header of every Corteza web application from crusttech to cortezaprojectorg (0072a4b).
  • Changed reminders to clear out the snooze count after editing and modifying when the reminder should prompt (256dd59).
  • Changed the format of displaying the total number of record list items – if N is number of records, then the new format would be N items to N records (0fcbec0).
  • Changed the block magnify query param that keeps track of which block is magnified (zoomed in). The change was made to ensure that any future code implementations don’t collide with the block magnify query param (5fde4c9).
  • Changed the value of the SMTP_FROM variable in the server .env variables. Previously if a value was set in the .env file, it wasn’t respected. The change was made to give developers the option to configure SMTP setting not only from the UI but also though the env file (d2b389b).
  • Changed default workflow and trigger action severity to notice to keep it consistent with other resources in Admin. The change was made to make create, update, delete, and undelete actions visible in the default production ruleset of the actionlog (31f7e14).
  • Fixed multiline privacy request comments displaying as inline comments. The fix was made by adding support for multiline comments in privacy requests (1214).
  • Fixed Low Code broken public icon url for page, namespace, and custom app icons after changing the Auth JWT secret. The fix was made by adding an exception for the namespace icons, page, and icon attachments (1219).
  • Fixed available and selected fields not scrollable in safari due to set max height in the item picker component This issue was present in Low Code and {APP_NAME_PRIVACY} (1221).
  • Fixed funnel chart labels being hidden after hovering over them (1222).
  • Fixed the functionality to expand text in the description field used in Workflow’s error step (84215c0).
  • Fixed automation sessions list sorting parameter in Admin The parameter was excepting the incorrect type of value (1141).
  • Fixed copy of page layout in Low Code A page with layout couldn’t be copied because of duplicate page handle value (1230).
  • Fixed page blocks disappearing from the page builder after being removed from tabs configuration (c939015).
  • Fixed connection map not showing in {APP_NAME_PRIVACY} on mobile devices (ca12cc9).
  • Fixed overflowing text in the Record Organizer component (f09f1fa).
  • Fixed known concurrent map read/write issues for Integration Gateway profiler and workflow pre-processing (3703598).
  • Fixed missing sessionID parameter in automation session search The sessionID value wasn’t taken into consideration when filtering an automation session list (3703598).
  • Fixed compose page not being accessible unless the sub pages option is enabled (ed0ac43).
  • Fixed error for not included page layout resources when exporting namespace configuration. The fix was made by including page layouts to the namespace export logic (4ad1217).
  • Fixed error preventing user from being able to add a non numeric value to gauge chart dimension labels in Low Code (f9b9661).
  • Fixed the setting of workflow and trigger IDs after creating action log events (03806a2).

View the full changelog.


How to install Corteza

You can follow the offline deployment instructions for a local development or demonstration instance of Corteza. If you want to set up a live deployment, check out the extensive online deployment instructions. If you have questions, you can engage with other community members on the Corteza forum.

How to upgrade your Corteza instance

To upgrade your instance to the latest version of Corteza, follow our Upgrade Guide.

About Planet Crust

Planet Crust is the creator of and driving force behind Corteza, a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. For more information or to try Corteza on the cloud, please visit

About Corteza

Corteza is a 100% open-source low-code rapid application development, business process management and integration platform for software vendors, system integrators and internal development teams. Corteza comes with an Apache 2.0 license, and all code is published and can be reviewed at All Corteza code is contributed to the Commons Conservancy Software Foundation. To stay up-to-date on the project, follow @CortezaProject on Twitter.

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