Make Building Apps Fun With Low-Code

International Data Corporation predicts that between the years 2018-2023, more than 500 million apps will be created, which is more than that of the previous 40 years combined. Owing to this growing need for unique applications, the invention of low-code technology has been a book for humanity.

Low-code platforms allow modern businesses to create high-functioning websites, software and applications that they otherwise would not have been able to develop. Developers around the world are jumping on the low-code bandwagon and creating new applications every day.

While the cost and time effectiveness of low-code app development are great perks, perhaps the most attractive aspect of low-code is that it makes creating apps fun. Low-code solutions, the building application development cycle is much more accessible, efficient and enjoyable than traditional methods.

Why Low-Code Makes Building Apps Fun

1) Immediate Results

Low code technology can allow your business to speed up its application development significantly by automating many of the repetitive tasks associated with it. Applications that previously required many months to develop can now be created within a matter of minutes. Low-code application development also allows users to prototype prospective solutions rapidly. These prototypes can then be tested, evaluated and refined without the use of complicated software platforms or the intervention of software engineers.

2) More Creative Freedom

With the rise of the citizen developer, almost anyone can create visually appealing, high-functioning applications in a matter of minutes. Approximately 79% of businesses build a web application with citizen development within a year. Therefore, business professionals are now not required to wait for software engineers to create complex applications for them. Consequently, application users can also ensure that their creative vision for their technical functioning and the visual user interface is met.

3) Visual Development

Instead of having to write long, repetitive lines of code to create simple visual elements, many low code software platforms offer efficient visual development tools. Some of them are drag and drop functionality tools so that you can create engaging applications without having to spend large amounts of time focusing on high-level code.

Crust’s low-code solution offers a variety of drag and drop features and pre-built user templates that can ensure an accelerated application development cycle for your business.

4) Collaboration

Modern application software development teams now consist of both skilled software developers and business professionals with little to no coding experience. By encouraging a highly collaborative process between software developers and the actual users of the application, low code platforms allow development teams to create more functional and accurate solutions for the problems that the application is trying to solve.

Crust- Perfect Low Code Solution For Your Business

Crust’s low code, open-source software solutions can help make your application development process much more fun than ever before. It offers a variety of drag and drop features and visualization tools that make app-building feel like a fun activity. Try a demo of the all-encompassing low-code solution so that you can accelerate your business application development cycle and revolutionize the workings of your software development team.

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