Is Open-source Ethical?

Open-source software is defined as any software application that is openly licensed and freely available by allowing users to modify the platform’s existing source code. Due to its collaborative and decentralized nature, open-source software platforms have completely revolutionized the application software development industry.

Open-source software offers a wide variety of potential benefits that businesses can take advantage of such as encouraging citizen development, fostering cross-departmental organizational collaboration opportunities, encouraging innovation, and much more.

69% of IT leaders stated that open-source software was essential to an organization’s overall enterprise digital infrastructure. Although open-source software is an extremely valuable tool for modern organizations to increase their efficiency and productivity, many believe open-source software solutions are unethical. However, most open-source software is completely secure and ethical.

Is Open-source Software Ethical?

1) Price

Since most open-source software solution platforms are developed by a large community of users and volunteers, it is usually freely commercially available. However, many open-source platforms offer a paid proprietary version of their platform with additional capabilities and features. Furthermore, most open-source platforms are freely licensed and allow users to redistribute modified software.

2) User control and efficiency

Open-source software platforms can be used to automate and streamline repetitive organizational business processes that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually by an employee. This will allow your business to reduce the length of the enterprise application development cycle, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, open-source software provides users with complete control over their data governance and digital infrastructure. Open-source platforms allow users to easily track encryption and data security as well as customize source-code and features to their specific preferences. This can not only provide organizations with incomparable control over their data but also prevent a potential vendor lock-in scenario.

3) Flexibility

Open-source software solutions provide businesses with the ability to maintain complete control over sensitive organizational data and encryption and provide them with the opportunity to modify and adjust application source code depending on their specific requirements and preferences.

This can provide businesses with the flexibility to tailor digital platforms to their specific operative processes without investing a large number of financial resources or sacrificing data security.

55% of companies stated that they believe that open-source software delivers better data security when compared to other closed-source proprietary software solutions.

Corteza Open-Source Software is Completely Secure And Ethical

Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code platform Corteza is 100% secure and ethical. Currently, it is, is the best open-source software currently available in the market.

Corteza’s cloud-based databases, graphic visualization features, chart-making tools, and API-centric user interface are the perfect tools to help your business take its enterprise application development to the next level.

Furthermore, Corteza allows users to access their data easily, encrypt sensitive organizational data and information and completely control their digital infrastructure by prioritizing data governance. Get a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of open-source software platforms.

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