Is Low Code the Future?

Over the past few years, low code technology solutions have become an integral part of effectively managing a business’s websites, applications and software. Due to the increasing demand for remote organizational functioning and work from home operations, the transition to digital transformation has been embraced by companies exponentially.

The application of low-code software is only expected to increase in the future. According to Gartner, 75% of large enterprises use at least four low code development tools for their application growth and citizen development initiatives.

The Power of Low Code

1) Accessible Technology

Before accessible low-code software existed, you could only build advanced solutions if you had enough financial and technological resources. This largely inhibited smaller businesses from being able to create software applications at the same level.

However, with the use of low-code platforms, any business can now create user-friendly software and websites without spending huge amounts of money, which have enabled them to compete more effectively with larger corporations.

2) Reduced dependency

Traditional business models required businesses to highly depend on software developers to include their specific requirements and specifications. However, with the rise of low-code software platforms, the software development process has evolved greatly.

With the implementation of low-code technology, software development teams now consist of software developers and business professionals with little to no coding experience. In fact, 82% of firms stated that citizen developers were becoming increasingly important to their business operations. Planet Crust’s low-code solution comes with a fully-featured drag-and-drop app builder. It makes the process of app-building uncomplicated and easy.

3) Cost-effective

Using low-code software development reduces the need to hire software developers to create complex software with huge, repetitive code lines. In the future, this will help save a business’s hiring costs in the long run. Low-code software can also provide your business with the opportunity to advance software development in less time, which will increase employee productivity in the long run, leading to increased profit.

4) Faster development and increased productivity

Low code software has the potential to reduce application software development time significantly. Tasks that previously required days, you can now accomplish within minutes using low code software. This will allow your business to develop websites, applications and software much faster than ever before.

Using low-code will allow your software developers to work on more advanced organizational projects, which will increase your business’s overall productivity in the future. 80% of software developers said that using low code software allowed them to work on higher-level projects.

Corteza – Best of What Low-Code Has To Offer

Planet Crust’s open-source low-code platform Corteza encapsulates all the best things that low-code technology has to offer. It comes with several pre-built apps, automation services, a drag-and-drop builder and a cloud-ready architecture. Get a free trial to see how you can take advantage of the many different benefits of low code, which are expected to revolutionise the world of software in the near future.

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