How Software Sourcing Is Evolving In 2022

With changes and evolution in digital technology and solutions, many businesses may find themselves having to source and procure different types of software at regular time intervals. However, these rapid changes in various business processes may result in confusion for businesses in terms of how and where to source and procure enterprise software.

Furthermore, as supply chain processes become increasingly complex and more interconnected than ever before, it is crucial for businesses to stay informed of the latest trends and developments for software sourcing over the next year.

Trends For Software Sourcing In 2022

1) Automatic Customer Self-Service

A recent study indicates that 89% of American consumers expect businesses to have an online self-service portal. Furthermore, implementing an automated online customer self-service portal can not only enable your customers to access support at their own convenience but can also enable your business’s customer service representatives to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes.

Self-service portals can operate almost completely autonomously using comprehensive cloud-based databases.

2) Targeting Mobile Technology

Studies have shown that mobile web traffic accounts for approximately 54.8% of all global web traffic. Therefore targeting consumers and potential suppliers using mobile technology can be an extremely effective method to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your business. With changes in technology and consequent business procedures, sourcing and procurement have continued to shift towards mobile technology.

3) Cross-Departmental Collaboration Tools

According to McKinsey, well-connected teams experience an increase in productivity up to 25%. Therefore, one of the most effective methods to improve organizational performance and efficiency is implementing tools that encourage, foster and enable cross-departmental collaboration and communication.

Furthermore, well-connected teams are likely to serve customers and communicate with suppliers much more effectively when compared to organizations with inefficient communication.

4) Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The global AI market is projected to reach a market value of $190.61 billion by 2025. Your business can leverage the power of data analysis and AI tools to streamline and automate various time-consuming business processes that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually by an organizational employee.

Therefore, your business will be able to better allocate scarce organizational and human resources to more essential business processes.

Planet Crust – The Perfect Tool For Your Business’s Needs:

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source software is the perfect tool to help your business source and procure software for various business processes as well as keep up with evolving trends. Trends for software sourcing over the next year include automatic customer self-service portals, targeting mobile technology, implementing collaboration and communication tools and a heightened focus on data analysis.

Planet Crust’s solutions are equipped with various features such as scalable architecture, visual workflow builders, drag-and-drop editors, advanced chart building tools, data-rich dashboards that can provide users with a 360-degree overview of organizational data and information, role-based access controls, identity management, flexible data modelling and much more. Try a demo so that your business can keep up with software sourcing and procurement trends in 2022 using the power of low-code, open-source technology.

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