How Low-Code Is Eliminating Technical Debt

Technical debt is the end result associated with delaying certain software development tasks, such as writing high-level code to speed up and expedite the delivery of an application or website, leading to the development or operational issues in the future. CIO reported that up to 20% of their budget dedicated to acquiring new products is diverted to resolve existing technical debt issues.

However, low-code development platforms can help significantly reduce or even eliminate your business’s technical debt. They enable advanced digital technology tools and features that can help your business focus on improving your customer’s overall experiences.

How low code is eliminating technical debt

1) Model-driven transformation

Low code software solutions often use application models to maintain the hidden coding requirements of low code tools and solutions. Application models consider a business’s different processes and decisions defined within a particular application and use this data to evolve the application’s logic tools without disrupting your business’s operations. The use of low code application models to automate and transform the functioning of software applications is a key tool for significantly reducing technical debt.

2) Automated deployment

The rise of automated application development software has made deployment technology much more secure, agile and scalable than ever before. Automating application development using artificial intelligence monitoring and multi-cloud digital technology can help significantly reduce your business’s technical debt. Automation can also help reduce the development cycle by reducing time spent on performing repetitive tasks. This time can then be used to reduce technical debt.

3) User experience

Modern user experience best practices now prioritise self-service tools, quick response time, and multiple omnichannel communication channels. Low code software development platforms can help you build responsive business applications with mobile optimisation and an open framework. As digital technology continues to advance, the number of channels and devices that consumers are using is constantly evolving. Low code development software can help you optimise your applications and website for online, mobile and chat communication channels.

4) Evolution of data integration

Low-code solutions help your business applications and software become more secure, faster, and increasingly event-driven by taking advantage of advancements in data integration technology. With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence models and the increasing amount of data that needs to be processed at any given moment, data integration tools are now becoming faster and bigger than ever before.

What Low-Code Solution Can You Use?

Corteza, the open-source, low-code solution built by Crust, is the perfect tool to help you reduce your business’s technical debt. It offers a wide variety of automation features that can help take your business’s apps to the next level. Try a demo so that you can see how you can use low-code to reduce technical debt.

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