How Long Does It Take To Learn Low-Code?

The global low-code application development platform market is expected to generate $187 billion by 2030, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 31.1%.

Traditional application development usually involves a skilled software developer manually writing long, complicated lines of code. However, with the power of low-code development platforms, citizen developers can create their enterprise applications faster than ever before.

Low-code development can be learned easily while using visual builders such as drag-and-drop editors and on-screen visual guidance. Therefore, as low-code technology continues to evolve, many citizen developers can take advantage of the various advantages of low-code to expedite the length of the application development cycle.

Why Is Low-Code Easy To Learn?

1) Integration

Building custom enterprise applications individually usually involves maintaining multiple systems and keeping track of large amounts of data independently. However, building enterprise applications using low-code platforms can allow you to integrate multiple different systems to create one centralized data repository.

This will not only allow your business to save time transferring data between each enterprise application but will also improve the accessibility of organizational information. The Corteza open-source low-code platform is equipped with API-centric software solutions that can significantly enhance integration, flexibility, and user interfaces.

2) Faster Application Development Cycles

The evolution of low-code technology has allowed modern businesses to significantly reduce the length of the enterprise application development cycles.

Low-code solutions can help your business rapidly prototype new enterprise software solutions, foster opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration, enable citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to automate coding processes, and much more.

This means that your business can increase efficiency, productivity, and organizational profitability in the long run.

3) Pre-Built Templates

Instead of creating entirely new source code for each enterprise application, low-code development platforms can allow your business to utilize pre-built templates with previously defined layouts, styles, and logic that can help make the development cycle much easier and more efficient. Furthermore, your business can customize and personalize these pre-built templates to fit your organizational requirements and end-user preferences.

4) Security

Most low-code platforms contain extensive security, and data encryption features already in place that can help your business prioritize data governance. These features can not only help keep important organizational data secure but can also safely store sensitive consumer personal details.

The Corteza 100% open-source low-code platform can be hosted on the cloud or even behind your business’s firewall.

Build A User-Friendly Low-Code Applications with Corteza

Planet Crust’s open-source platform Corteza can allow your business’s citizen developers to create powerful, high functioning enterprise applications without having traditional coding knowledge. It is equipped with advanced chart-making tools, data-rich dashboards that can provide extensive insight into organizational data, end-to-end automation engines, and much more.

Corteza can allow users to easily learn low-code application development using visual workflow builders, drag-and-drop tools, and visual on-screen guidance. Get a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of low-code application development today.

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