How do I Learn to Develop Apps?

The rise of low-code technology means that citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience can develop high-functioning, complex apps without the constant interference of a skilled software developer. By 2024, low-code platforms will be responsible for more than 65% of all application development.

Low-code platforms allow users to create application software without extensive training and faster than ever before. They can also help anyone develop enterprise applications using straightforward and uncomplicated instructions.

How to learn low-code app development

1) Online content

Most low-code application development platforms offer a wide variety of online content to assist budding citizen developers in creating low-code applications. Users are usually offered step-by-step installation guides, core system administration guides, and upgrade tutorials.

Corteza, Crust’s digital work platform, offers users a large amount of documented online content such as DevOps guides for data backups and troubleshooting, sore system security and resource guides. Moreover, Corteza can also offer a comprehensive changelog which details each change made to Corteza’s application development software platform.

2) YouTube videos

YouTube is increasingly becoming an extremely valuable learning platform for users trying to learn how to develop apps. Studies show that 86% of American YouTube viewers said they use the video streaming platform to learn new things. Corteza has easily accessible, freely available YouTube videos that teach new low-code application developers how to create visual elements. For instance, how you can create funnel charts, record pages, and page blocks using visual-based drag-and-drop editors.

Users can access detailed videos narrating each step of the low-code development process on Crust Tech’s YouTube page. Viewers can even comment below the video if they would like to request a video tutorial or require further clarification for the topic in question.

3) Following on-screen visual cues

Most low-code application development platforms use visual editors such as drag-and-drop tools to allow users with little to no coding experience to create complex, visually appealing websites.

They use on-screen visual clues. They guide the user through every step of the process to make the application development process as simplified as possible. Corteza offers users a variety of dashboards. These dashboards can make enterprise application development an extremely organized and methodical experience for first-time low-code users.

Furthermore, Corteza uses identity management infrastructure and productivity tools to help businesses create highly responsive applications without dealing with writing long lines of repetitive code.

Corteza – Build apps Seamlessly

With Corteza, Crust’s low-code, open-source digital work platform, anyone can build complex enterprise applications. Corteza low-code is optimized and highly flexible to your organization’s specific needs and requirements. It can help your business automate workflows and create a simplistic user interface for your organization’s employees.

Corteza offers users various opportunities to learn application development such as online content, YouTube videos, and on-screen visual clues that can make the process much less complicated. Try a demo of Corteza low-code to see how you can learn to develop apps all by yourself.

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