How can you work remotely with open-source?

Remote work has become a necessity in the corporate world. With the pandemic giving way to a striking shift in the corporate paradigm, organisations are now favouring remote work over office work. Just today, Salesforce announced that they’ll give their employees the possibility of working from home permanently.

But while an onlooker will simply attribute its success to the pandemic, remote work has actually gained popularity on its own in the past decade. With Gartner reporting an increase of almost 173% in remote work between 2005 and 2018, it is clear that remote work existed and thrived long before COVID-19 forced it upon us. An example close to home is that in Crust, the majority of the team already worked from home every day, long before the pandemic.

How can you work from home? Open-source software can help you. There are several benefits.

Tools that can help increase efficiency during remote work

Numerous open-source tools are available to enable workers to do their jobs conveniently from their own homes. Here are some indispensable open-source based tools a business cannot survive without:

Communication Channels

Constant communication is the be-all and end-all of remote working. Instant messaging features make it possible for employees to keep the team updated about everything. Instant communication channels also facilitate conversations with clients and leads, which plays an integral role in the growth of the business.

Live Interaction Tools

To work efficiently, employees need to feel close to their colleagues. Live interactions are needed in meetings to facilitate the decision-making process. But the current scenario bars most of us from physically interacting with each other. Thankfully, technology has evolved to offer us tools to keep the standard of human interaction and conversation. This becomes possible with live interaction applications.

Jitsi, an open-source based video conferencing tool, helps. In this easy-to-use software, all you have to do is create a meeting room. You can then share the URL with your colleagues and clients. They can join the meeting without any hassle. It doesn’t even require any registration.

Low-code solutions

Nothing can provide your business with flexibility like an open-source low-code development platform. There are several applications a team may need for remote work, including calendars, dashboards, social-media integration etc. Low-code gives regular users the ability to create apps from scratch without any technical knowledge.

The Corteza low-code platform, created by Crust, comes with a powerful automation engine. It allows you to automate workflows in a company that paves the way to efficient team coordination during remote work. Additionally, the API facilitates mobility across apps and platforms.

Work full time from home

Messaging, video-conferencing and low-code apps: these three ever-powerful tools help businesses with their remote-working employees. With them, there is no hindrance in the discussion, planning, interaction, and decision-making processes. The software created by Crust offers a holistic toolkit that gives your employees powers to control, plan and execute work schedules. Get in touch with the Crust team to get the stellar open-source based solution for your team.

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