How Can Technology Increase People’s Freedom?

As digital and electronic systems continue to evolve, many individuals and businesses are taking advantage of technology to automate and streamline various business processes. However, many people continue to vilify the use of technology to simplify day-to-day routine tasks.

The use of technology can significantly increase people’s freedom by affirming citizen rights, allowing people to exercise their right to freedom, and protecting user data privacy and data governance.

How technology increases people’s freedom

1) Right to freedom of expression

The right to freedom of expression is one of the most important aspects of civil liberty and freedom. Digital technological systems and technology can enable users to openly voice their opinions and express themselves. Furthermore, technological systems can allow people from different geographical locations to limitlessly communicate with each other with minimal time delays.

2) Right to learn

E-Learning platforms can allow users to access almost infinite technological stores of educational material. Technology can provide users with the freedom to access significantly large amounts of free information.

Furthermore, online E-LEarning platforms can allow users to utilize educational resources at their own pace, view constantly updated information, consistently receive online training, and reduce the cost of education when compared to traditional educational modes.

42% of companies stated that the implementation of e-learning technology for their employees has led to a noticeable increase in revenue.

3) Earning potential

The rise of work from home job opportunities means that people can now utilize the power of technology to earn at home. Work from home technological systems can help improve departmental communication, improve organizational productivity, enable employees to prioritize flexibility, and reduce commuting expenses. Research indicates that working remotely using digital technology can increase employee productivity by up to 77%.

4) Access to information

Digital technology can provide users with unlimited access to extremely large amounts of relevant, reliable, and accurate information. This vast access to pertinent information can significantly aid in informed decision-making. Furthermore, this can allow users to instantly understand the advantages and disadvantages of any potential decision.

5) Communication and entertainment

Although when confined at home, technological systems have allowed people to freely communicate with each other using video conferencing systems. Research shows that the projected market value of the global video conferencing industry is $6.03 billion. Furthermore, the rise of media streaming platforms has enabled viewers to freely access entertainment at their own convenience.

Crust – Trusted Open-Source and Secure Software

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