how big is the low-code market

How big is the low-code market?

Low-code is a technology that allows developers to create apps and interactive platforms without hard-coding language training. It uses visual tools and pre-built modules to help users create a UI for their apps. 

The current market value of the low-code industry is 13.2 billion dollars, according to recent sources. Predictions say that the low-code market will be valued at 187 billion USD by 2030. That is an approximate hike of 176 (the market was valued at 10.3 billion USD in 2019) billion USD in under twelve years. 

From industrial pressure to the pandemic-induced need for complete organizational digitization. So many factors contribute to the sudden explosive success of the newfound technology. Let’s delve into the most salient reasons that have brought low-code to the forefront of most business sectors.    

Reasons for low-code’s recent success


1) Pressure on IT to deliver fast results

One of the primary reasons for low-code success is the pressure put on the IT industry to deliver customized apps within short periods. While traditional software development creates fully unique and tailored platforms, it has limitations that hinder efficiency that prolong app development.

Using low code to create apps or parts of an app that require repetitive coding reduces development time significantly.  Crust low-code comes with its own automation engine Corredor that allows you to automate app development’s repetitive components without human intervention.

2) Industry competition and digitization

From tech firms to hospitals to retailers, every industry has been touched by the e-commerce mania. In today’s digital world, at least 75% of people buy products online at least once a month. 

If your business does not have an online store, you will lose many of your clients to a more tech-savvy competition. Low-code platforms allow businesses to set up online stores where users can buy their products or services safely. Crust’s open-source low-code platform allows you to set up chat rooms with customers to address online queries. 

Cost of employment of software engineers

3) Cost of employment of software engineers 

As essential as software developers are to companies, the cost of employment for highly-trained professionals is high. In the face of low-code platforms, which allow citizen developers with minimal training to create highly efficient, multi-experience platforms, it makes more sense for managers to buy a flexible low-code platform and hire low-code developers. 

When working with or under the supervision of traditional developers, these citizen developers can easily develop apps. Furthermore, for their customers, they can customize to make them smooth, functional, and secure. Crust low-code comes with several pre-built modules and drag-and-drop features that allow users to create multi-channel that can be integrated into platforms.


Crust- Ultimate Low-Code Platform For All Your App Development Needs


Set yourself apart from your competitors by adopting one of the most secure and multi-functional low-code tools in the market. Crust’s 100% open-source low-code platform promises and delivers the best software development features, including visual modelling, drag-and-drop tools, and pre-built modules. Try a demo and see how you can get an edge in your industry and increase the overall efficiency of your business.

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