Five Reasons Your Business Needs An App Development Platform With Strong API Connectivity

An API (Application Programming Interface) is defined as a software intermediary that can facilitate the integration of numerous organizational data sources to expedite and improve connectivity, communication and collaboration. An API acts as a messenger that sends a user’s request to a provider and then returns a relevant response from cloud-based data storage.

With exponential advancements in digital and mobile technology, API usage has significantly increased in recent years. As modern businesses are expected to collect, manage and analyze more data than ever before with rapidly evolving market trends and consumer expectations, API-centric enterprise applications are now more important than ever before. Recent studies have shown that approximately 90% of developers are using APIs in some way or another.

API-driven development refers to development that prioritizes API-centric enterprise applications and software to encourage and empower stronger connectivity and accessibility to valuable organizational data. Therefore, as APIs become more crucial for data-driven organizations, your business should understand and recognize the importance of enterprise application development platforms with strong API connectivity.

Why Your Business Needs API-Centric App Development Platforms:

1) Business Process Automation

As requirements for enterprise applications increase exponentially, the automation of application development processes is now more crucial than ever before. Traditional development processes usually involve manually transferring and integrating organizational data from multiple third-party sources of data. However, this can often be extremely time-consuming and may even lead to errors that could potentially impact your organization’s productivity. Therefore automating various aspects of application development through the implementation of  API-centric platforms can not only reduce the length of development cycles but also empower developers to work on higher-level business processes.

API-centric application development platforms can enable businesses to achieve integration without requiring extensive manual integration processes. Automated integration processes can enable your business to save substantial amounts of time as well as financial and human resources. Recent studies have shown that the API management industry is expected to reach a market value of $5.1 billion by the year 2023.

Furthermore, API connectivity can help your business facilitate business process automation by automating knowledge-sharing processes; which can ultimately improve accuracy and communication by ensuring that all organizational departments have access to identical data.

2) Simplified Integration

API connectivity can enable your business to connect and share data between numerous platforms, enterprise applications and data systems. This increased connectivity can not only improve access to historical organizational data but also streamline and optimize various business processes.

Furthermore, APIs can simplify and facilitate integration by allowing different types of software to reevaluate their relationships based on your business’s specific requirements and preferences. APIs can also enable your business to integrate enterprise applications with third-party services and development tools to improve functionality and usability. This allows your business to significantly improve efficiency while lowering overall development costs.

Therefore, powered with API connectivity, your business will be able to build enterprise applications with better integration, thus improving productivity in the long run.

3) Improved Cross-Departmental Collaboration

One of the most crucial factors for the success of any modern business is highly effective communication and collaboration. However, as organizational structures and hierarchies continue to become more complex, manually combining data from numerous data sources can be extremely tedious and could risk the overall reliability of your business’s enterprise applications.

Therefore, APIs can help businesses substantially improve cross-departmental collaboration and internal communication systems. As more and more enterprise applications are required in modern organizations, disparate and siloed application development environments may emerge; thus impeding communication and connectivity. However, APIs can help businesses connect accurate, reliable and relevant sources of data, which can reduce duplication, manual work processes, errors and miscommunications within your business.

This enhanced connectivity can help facilitate improved cross-departmental collaboration, which will ultimately improve enterprise application development processes by eliminating organizational bottlenecks.

4) Innovation and Digital Transformation

Implementing an application development platform with strong API connectivity into your organization can eliminate the need to start from scratch when developing a new enterprise application. When introducing new and emerging technologies into your day-to-day business processes, APIs can enable your business to leverage existing systems and data insights.

Furthermore, API technology can be used to create and develop innovative business models by enabling modern organizations to develop much more enterprise applications than ever before. With strong API connectivity, your business can easily restructure internal systems to support new projects and technologies in an ongoing and flexible manner by easily connecting existing systems. APIs also enable users to enhance application development processes by facilitating third-party integration.

5) Enhanced Customer Experiences

In recent years, consumer expectations have evolved and grown exponentially. With modern technological advancements, customers now expect easy access to relevant data and mobile-based services. However, merging data from numerous sources without an API can be an extremely hectic and impractical process.

Therefore, creating applications that are equipped with organizational data can enable your business to improve customer experiences and satisfaction levels. Recent studies indicate that approximately 83% of all internet traffic comes from API-based services.

API connectivity can empower your business to create powerful applications that can substantially improve customer experiences by creating personalized communication and providing automated customer support channels.

Planet Crust – Leverage API-Driven Application Development:

As our current business landscape continues to shift towards API-centric application development, your business must recognize the power of strong API connectivity. API-driven enterprise application development can help your business automate various time-consuming development processes, simplify data integration processes, improve cross-departmental collaboration and communication, facilitate digital transformation and innovation and enhance customer experiences.

Corteza, created by Planet Crust, is a 100% open-source, low-code platform that can enable your business to take advantage of enterprise application development platforms with strong API connectivity. Corteza can help your business leverage APIs to connect to, integrate and transform various data sources to significantly optimize, streamline and automate various day-to-day business processes.

Try a trial now so that your business can take advantage of the wide variety of benefits of enterprise application development platforms with strong API connectivity.

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