Five Reasons Why You Need To Try Out Low-Code

Five Reasons Why You Need To Try Out Low-Code

Low-code is defined as a visual approach to software development that allows users to automate and streamline each step of the coding process. Low-code platforms have completely revolutionized the type of websites and applications that individual users and businesses can create. 

Traditional coding cycles were a tedious and extensive process, which required the assistance of highly skilled software developers. However, low-code technology has allowed users to create highly complex software without writing long lines of repetitive code. 

Studies have shown that organizations that leveraged low-code citizen development in organizational initiatives could speed up the application development process by up to 50%.

Why You Need To Try Low-Code

1) Lower costs

Drag-and-drop editors and visual development tools allow users to reduce the time required for the application development cycle significantly. This allows non-technical users to create software applications without the constant interference of a skilled software developer. 

Most low-code platforms are already pre-equipped with security and encryption measures and data integration capabilities, which can help increase the efficiency of the development process and reduce the total cost of ownership expense. 

2) Faster development speed

Traditional coding methods usually require software developers to write repetitive, time-consuming lines of code. However, low-code platforms can automate and streamline development tasks to substantially increase software development speed. Low-code development solutions can reduce overall software development times by up to 90%.

3) Business agility and efficiency

Since low-code can automate certain aspects of the development process, software developer’s time can be freed up so that they will be able to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating organizational tasks. 

This can make your overall business processes more agile and efficient. Further, your business will also be able to make changes and fix coding issues immediately without having to wait for the assistance of a more skilled developer.

4) Intuitive user experience

Low-code platforms provide users with complete control to personalize and customize the features included in their application software or website. Low-code platforms can provide your business’s employees with powerful automated features and an intuitive user interface that can be tailored entirely to your organization’s needs and preferences. 

5) Easier software maintenance

In traditionally created websites and applications, up-gradation and maintenance can take an extremely long time. Software developers have to identify and address bugs and add new features manually. 

However, low-code platforms can automatically address and resolve these issues without having to retype code for each concern manually. Low-code technology is useful to add new features without having to deal with compatibility issues. 

Corteza- Best Low-Code Platform For Your Business

Corteza’s low-code software solutions are the perfect tool to automate and revitalize your business’s day-to-day organizational processes. Corteza, Crust’s open-source digital work platform, is flexible, secure and does not require the constant interference of a software developer to create complex and high functioning software. Try a demo to see how you can take advantage of a low-code application development platform.

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