Does NASA Use Open-Source?

NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is America’s space exploration agency and the civil space program. NASA employs approximately 312,000 people across the United States and maintains a public central data storage repository, encouraging open innovation, viewer engagement, and public involvement.

Studies show that 78% of businesses run a percentage of their operations on open-source software. NASA utilizes open-source platforms to significantly streamline and automate business processes, which ultimately reduces enterprise application development costs, encourages cross-departmental collaboration, reduces the length of software development cycles, and much more.

NASA Open-Source Development

1) Code

NASA’s use of open-source technology enables them to prioritize open-ended collaboration and transparent coding. NASA currently makes newly developed software available on its public open-source software portal. NASA is also currently establishing its business processes, regulatory, organizational policies, and corporate culture around open-source technology.

Furthermore, NASA’s adoption of open-source technology allows them to provide public viewers with direct and collaborative access to the public and reduce the barrier to entering the space exploration industry.


2) Data

As NASA’s operations continue to grow in size and scalability, the amount of data expected to track and monitor daily is increasing exponentially. This includes collected space data, aeronautic representations, and organizational information.

The use of open-source software allows NASA to collect, monitor, and analyze this information. It uses powerful data reporting and analysis tools and encourages developer communities to learn more about space exploration and perform their own experiments.

NASA’s research analysts and other employees need to access space data at any given moment with minimal time delays. Therefore, open-source software platforms with cloud-based databases help businesses like NASA have complete control over their data security and accessibility.

Crust’s open-source software solutions are equipped with powerful data reporting tools. That can provide businesses with a comprehensive and holistic overview of organizational data with minimal time delays.

Nasa data-management

3) Open-source agreements

The NASA open-source agreement allows them to release NASA-funded software to the public. This agreement allows NASA to accelerate software development through collaborative involvement significantly and helps increase public awareness of their space exploration research data.

Open-source enterprise application software development also allows NASA to widely distribute software with minimal use of financial resources and overall costs.

Nasa open-source

Crust’s Open-Source Software Is Secure And Efficient

A high-risk, large-scale company like NASA trusts open-source software platforms for its security and efficiency. As open-source technology continues to evolve, many other companies in various industries have also followed suit.

Your business should also take advantage of the power of open-source software solutions such as Crust’s open-source low-code platform.

Crust’s software solutions are equipped with powerful graphic visualization features, chart-making tools, a data-rich dashboard. That allows users to obtain a 360-degree overview of organizational information and much more. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the many benefits of open-source software.

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