Can Software Help Hospitals Increase Patients’ Satisfaction?

Studies show that 81% of consumers are unhappy with their healthcare experience. However, the use of the software during the healthcare provision process can help significantly increase patient satisfaction. As the amount of data that hospitals are expected to collect and analyze increases exponentially, hospital management software is becoming a more and more viable solution to keep track of medical information. Hospital management software can streamline and develop the overall healthcare process, resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

Furthermore, hospital management software can help hospitals manage healthcare-related information and administrative data to make the overall healthcare provision process more efficient and productive. The global hospital management software industry is expected to reach a market value of $48.35 billion by the year 2027, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.65%.

How Can Software Help Increase Patient Satisfaction?

1) Automated appointment scheduling

It is essential to maintain consistent communication with patients. However, keeping track of future patient appointments can prove to be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, hospital management software or doctor scheduling software can automatically track appointment schedules and send autonomously generated message alerts to patients.

If patients can easily make appointments at their convenience, they will be more likely to return to your healthcare organization.

2) Online healthcare provision

Hospital management software can help increase the availability and accessibility of a patient’s medical information. Instead of having to contact your healthcare institution personally, hospital management software can allow patients to view their diagnosis information, access and edit appointment schedules, and make payments.

This will allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers at their own convenience, which will increase overall patient satisfaction.

3) Increased connectivity and personalization

If your hospital is available on multiple different communication channels, patients will be able to contact you more easily, which thus increases patient satisfaction. Furthermore, as hospital management software increases the availability of patient healthcare information, important medical communication can be personalized and tailored for each patient using recorded medical history and preferences.

Studies show that 59% of consumers say that personalized content based on past interactions is very important when communicating with an organization.

4) Predictive analytics

Keeping track of large amounts of patients can prove to be difficult and impractical. Furthermore, administrative errors made during the healthcare provision process can prove to be life-threatening.

Therefore, hospital management software equipped with predictive analytics can help your hospital eliminate administrative and operational challenges such as the availability of medical resources, appointment scheduling, and making payments.

Build Perfect Hospital Management Software With Corteza

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source development platform Corteza is the perfect tool to help your hospital or healthcare institution leverage the power of software to automate and streamline workflows and administrative operations. Furthermore, Planet Crust’s CRM software solutions are equipped with visual editors such as drag-and-drop tools, rich dashboards with module views, chart-making tools, and more.

Get a free trial of Corteza so that you can increase your hospital’s patient satisfaction with the use of software.

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