Can Low-Code Help You With Your SEO?

Organic traffic on your website can do wonders for your business. As much as 53.3% of all site traffic comes from organic searches. Having a solid online business presence can help build trust amongst your customers.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process through which you can drive organic traffic to a web page and, in turn, increase your business’s revenue. According to research, 39% of all purchasers are influenced by relevant searches.

A combination of both science and art, SEO is a highly methodical field where results are derived primarily through hit and trial methods. However, few SEO practices are always beneficial for your site’s rankings. These include posting engaging and informative content, keyword optimization, and backlinks.

How can low-code help with SEO

Low-code is a software development process that requires little to no coding knowledge. Instead of long lines of code and complex syntaxes, low-code platforms use visual builders to develop apps. There are several ways in which low-code can help with your SEO:

1. By making apps for link management

Backlinks are extremely important in determining the SERP rank of a web page. The more backlinks a web page has, the more traffic it attracts. If high authority websites attach links to your web pages on their own web pages, it becomes easier for search engines to recognize the value of your content.

It is also beneficial for you to attach links to blogs and resources relevant to your content on your own web pages. This helps the search engines determine what kind of content you are talking about.

You can use Crust’s low-code platform to devise an app for link management. This will help you keep track of the links you generate and manage the backlinks to your website. In the worst-case scenario, a link management app can help you prevent the effects of negative SEO on your website.

2. By keeping track of keywords

Keywords are the SEO components that help search engines determine the theme, topic, and type of information present on a webpage. They are phrases or words that directly correspond to a search query.

SEO involves the process of selecting which keywords are relevant to your website. Therefore, it is paramount to know the importance of optimum frequency of each keyword in an article. Usually, keywords appearing organically through the text is enough for search engines.

However, black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing are still in practice. Search engines often do not take kindly to such practices and may penalize your website for using them. A low-code software can help you make a platform that analyses the number of keywords on a page and warns if the frequency of a keyword is too high or too low.

3. By scheduling uploads

Regularly uploading content on your site can significantly affect website traffic.  Low-code applications can make content calendars and automatically upload premade blogs and posts according to a schedule. This will save you the time spent manually uploading content.

Crust – Best Ally of Every SEO Expert

The low-code platform by Crust is a 100% open-source app-building solution that can help you tailor efficient SEO-boosting tools. It is a secure solution that offers visual drag-and-drop builders that make building apps fun and easy. Try a demo of the low-code platform to witness its features for your business.


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