Can I Make Free Apps?

High-quality enterprise applications are one of the most important aspects of streamlining and automating your business’s day-to-day processes. However, some pre-made commercially available enterprise applications can prove to be extremely expensive, with several restricted features and capabilities.

With low-code, open-source application development platforms, anyone can make free applications. Low-code, open-source technology allows citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to create a complex, highly functioning application software for free.

What is meant by open-source?

Open-source refers to software that is publicly available and freely licensed so that its original source code can be openly accessed and modified by the general public. Research has shown that IT leaders find open-source software to be 26% higher quality when compared to its counterparts.

Open-source software is a cost-effective, high-paced approach to application development. It enables businesses to create apps much more efficiently than ever before.

What Is Low-Code And No-Code App Development?

Low-code application development is a rapid application development approach that involves using a variety of visual development features such as drag-and-drop editors and graphic tools to create automatic software scripts. Low-code can be used to automate certain repetitive, time-consuming aspects of the coding process.

No-code application development platforms allow users to create customized and personalized enterprise applications without writing long lines of code. While users usually use low-code platforms to reduce the associated effort for manual coding tasks, no-code platforms are used by non-technical users to create business apps that can easily replace existing software.

Corteza is both low-code and no-code, combining the flexibility of low-code development with the ease and comfort of no-code technology.

Low-code platforms allow citizen developers with no traditional coding experience to take advantage of visual editors to simply “drag and drop” elements which they want to be included in their software user interface.

The platform will then automatically include the associated script code. Low-code development platforms can reduce the overall application development time by up to 90%. Corteza provides users with a unified, comprehensive dashboard that can provide valuable analytics and insights over user data and information.

What knowledge and training are required to build apps with low code?

Features such as graphic editors, visualization tools, task automation, and rapid prototyping mean that users are no longer required to attain a large amount of technical coding knowledge before creating an application. Therefore, with the assistance of low-code, open-source software, minimal knowledge and training is required before building a complex application.

Build Free Apps With Corteza

Corteza, Crust’s agile digital work platform, combines all the benefits of no-code and low-code application development. As a result, it provides a seamless experience for developers with little to no traditional coding expertise.

Corteza is equipped with various graphic and visualization tools that can make application coding much easier than ever before. Try a demo to see how you can take advantage of low-code, open-source technology.

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