Can I Build What I Need With Low-Code

Low-code software offers a set of tools that allow a visual approach to application development. This allows citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to create complex and high-functioning enterprise applications using on-screen visual clues and visual builders.

Low-code application development platforms are equipped with a wide variety of valuable tools that can help you build an enterprise application that you may require in minutes.

Tools That Low-Code Gives You

1) Visual Building Tools

Visual building tools such as drag-and-drop editors and on-screen visual guidance are extremely valuable tools for citizen developers. Drag-and-drop editors allow users to “drag and drop” any visual element that they want to be included in their enterprise application with the associated coding language automatically being supported.

Visual building tools can help improve accuracy by eliminating human error, prioritizing user interfaces and design, facilitating efficient and productive citizen development, and more.

2) Pre-Built Modules

Leveraging the power of low-code technology for application development allows businesses to utilize pre-built modules. Pre-built modules can completely eliminate the need to create core modules from scratch for each application. Many enterprise applications require common functionalities.

Therefore, low-code platforms can allow citizen developers to repeatedly reuse pre-configured modules. This will reduce the length of the application development cycle, increase efficiency and improve organizational productivity in the long run.

Low-code solutions have the potential to reduce application development time by up to 90%.

3) Automation

Traditional application development usually involves manually writing long lines of repetitive code. However, this process can be extremely tedious, time-consuming and can even cause detrimental errors that can delay the entire application deployment process.

According to Mckinsey, 45% of work activities can be automated using existing technology. Low-code application development software can help automate and streamline a wide variety of time-consuming business processes. Therefore this improves organisational efficiency and allows employees to work on more intellectually stimulating, higher-level tasks.

4) Data Reporting Tools

One of the most important aspects of any enterprise application is the presence of powerful data reporting tools. Low-code technology can help your business take advantage of advanced chart-making tools, graphic visualization features, and data-rich dashboards to provide a comprehensive and holistic overview and valuable insight into organizational data and information.

Corteza low-code platform is equipped with advanced chart-builders, complex comparative tools, and custom filtered lists.

Build Any Application You Need Using Low-Code with Corteza

Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code platform Corteza can help users develop and deploy an enterprise application they want, faster than ever before. Common features of Corteza low-code software include visual building tools, pre-built modules and user interface templates. Furthermore, it has automation engines that can provide users with a 360-degree overview of organizational information and much more.

Get a free trial so that you can take advantage of the various benefits of low-code software solutions and build any application software you need.

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