Can a Low-Code Platform Be Truly Free?

The language commonly used to describe commercially available software can often seem highly technical and complicated. It can be somewhat tricky for average users to decipher and understand. Therefore, many users may not truly understand the meaning of a low-code, open-source platform and what exactly it entails. Although many platforms may advertise themselves as completely open-source, some of these programs are open-core platforms.

Open-source application platforms are defined as software that is entirely free to use and allows users to utilize the complete functionality and features of the program. However, an open-core application platform is defined as one which provides a specific set of features and functionality for free, with users having to pay to upgrade to a paid version of the platform to avail of the program’s full functionality.

Therefore, Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code software is completely free and allows users to take advantage of a wide variety of features without requiring them to upgrade to a paid, commercialized version of the platform.

How Is Planet Crust Low-Code 100% Free?

Studies show that 78% of enterprises utilize open-source software. According to the Open Source Initiative (O.S.I.), open-source software is defined as software that allows users to redistribute and modify existing software freely.

Furthermore, this modified software is also considered copyleft, which indicates that the same rights are reserved in newly developed and redistributed versions of the existing open-source software. Therefore, any derived software versions must also be distributed under the same commercial license.


However, the O.S.I. has stated that for any program to be considered as ‘open-source’, the source code must be publicly available to interested parties, the software must allow users to modify and redistribute the source code in various formats than the original software, the software must not discriminate against certain groups of people, and the program must not restrict users from the usage of other software.

Therefore, Planet Crust’s low-code solutions are 100% open-source. They allow users to access publicly available source code, modify and redistribute the software under the same license through copyleft, do not discriminate against certain groups or communities, and does not restrict the usage of other types of software.


Planet Crust- Perfect Free Low-Code Platform

Planet Crust’s open-source, low-code solutions are the perfect tool to help your business take advantage of truly free software. Although many platforms may market their services as 100% free, they may require users to upgrade to a paid commercial version of the software to avail themselves of the complete set of features and functionality. However, Planet Crust’s low-code software provides users with a wide variety of different features for free.

Planet Crust’s low-code platform is equipped with visual editors, drag-and-drop tools, visual workflow builders, advanced chart-making and data reporting tools, instant application deployment, flexible data modelling, scalable architecture and much more. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of truly free low-code platforms.

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