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Corteza 2021.9.10 released

Corteza 2021.9.10 has been released. It includes important memory leak fixes. The complete list of updates and changes is: Release notes: Changed: Changed the profiler endpoints (when enabled) to be under /debug instead of /__profiler to conform to pprof requirements (2653c3894). Fixed: Fixed improper static translation loading for custom languages (964b71a56). Fixed memory leaks and […]

How low code helps software developers embrace rapid change

Low-code software development has proven instrumental in facilitating innovation at scale in today’s constantly evolving and unpredictable business environment. Until the widespread adoption of modern software systems, most routine business processes remained largely unchanged and, indeed, unchangeable over short timespans. In those times, innovations often took many years to enter the mainstream, and organizations could […]

7 ways low-code solutions accelerate digital transformation

By making software development less burdensome on resources, low-code contributes to the acceleration of digital transformation and business-wide innovation. It is often said that every company is a software company. Computers play a key role in almost everything we do. They are becoming embedded in everything from the cars we drive to the homes and […]

Corteza 2021.9.9 released

Corteza 2021.9.9 has been released. It includes the following updates, improvements and changes. Release notes: Added: Added support for Boolean field label resource translations (11af9dba7, 245c20e24). Changed: Changed resource translation sanitization to be looser to support a wider range of formatting options (4278e5823). Fixed: Fixed missing role references for namespace export where the User module […]

How enterprise software teams are unlocking the value of low code to adapt and scale

Internal low-code development platforms empower collaboration at scale, accelerate software delivery, and establish an enterprise-wide culture of innovation. Change is the only constant in the fast-paced world of enterprise technology. Businesses face growing pressure to innovate and adapt as customer expectations evolve and disruptive new solutions enter the market. Thus, agility has become a necessity […]

Corteza 2021.9.8 released

Corteza 2021.9.8 has been released. It includes the following updates, improvements and changes. Changed: Changed default background colour to white in MetricConfigurator (49a525a). Fixed: Fixed count expression function to properly handle the no argument case when typed values are being used (usually when invoked via workflow expressions) (5d7d3aa3). Fixed improper page blockID assignment on page […]

Low-code versus traditional development: A primer for independent software vendors

Independent software vendors take pride in having talented developers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the low-code revolution. Independent software vendors (ISVs) face constantly increasing pressure to deliver innovative software solutions to their customers in as little time as possible while maintaining the level of quality they expect. Unfortunately, this also means that […]

Corteza 2021.9.7 released

Corteza 2021.9.7 has been released. It includes the following updates, improvements and changes. Fixed: Fixed set expression function to properly handle types provided by workflow execution (f42d707). Fixed OIDC provider scope string issue (b1572e1). Fixed workflow issues with invoker/runner (c4d80b88). Fixed resource translations for content and automation page blocks (8a8cf42e). Fixed inconsistent NULL order for […]

Corteza 2021.9.6 released

Corteza 2021.9.6 has been released. It includes the following updates, improvements and changes. Added: Added support for RTL direction. Added support for additional arguments when invoking automation scripts via API (91eb88d2). Added support for resource translation on select field options (c72902a8). Added support for SAML signed requests (5e4486c7, 7ec02f6e). Added support for SAML HTTP binding […]

Corteza 2021.9.5 released

Corteza 2021.9.5 has been released. It includes a long list of updates and improvements. Important upgrade notes: The record import via the import CLI command requires you to provide module field definitions along with the record import definitions. The constraint will be lifted in future patch releases. Added: Role security (forbidden, permitted, forced) on external […]