Are We In a Low-Code Boom?

According to Gartner, 75% of large enterprises will use at least four low-code development tools for application development by 2024. The number of enterprise applications that businesses are creating increases exponentially. As a result the popularity of low-code application development platforms also increases.

They allow users with little to no traditional coding experience to create complex, high-functioning applications. This is possible without the constant interference of a software developer. Studies show that businesses that leveraged the power of citizen development were able to increase their application development cycles by at least 50%.

Reasons Why Low Code Is Booming

1) Encourages citizen development

A citizen developer is defined as a user that can produce complex enterprise applications without traditional coding experience with the help of low-code application development platforms. Low-code has made efficient and seamless application development easier than ever before.

Citizen development can help ensure organizational technological advancements, application security and encryption, higher efficiency during the development cycle, and much more. Research shows that 79% of businesses build at least one web application using citizen application development within one year.

Crust’s API-centric, the low-code platform is enabled with a variety of easy-to-use visual editors that can assist citizen developers in building their own applications.

2) Facilitates digital transformation

Digital transformation is a crucial aspect of ensuring business continuity and connecting business tools and data together. Low-code application development platforms can help your business ensure that cross-departmental data is easily accessible and portable. Also, it can integrate several different data models from multiple sources.

Furthermore, prioritizing digital transformation through the use of low-code can modernize your business’s legacy infrastructure and facilitate opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration. Moreover, it can improve organizational and employee productivity and significantly improve customer experiences.

3) Cost-effective application development

One of the key reasons why the use of low-code is booming is the ability to create significantly more enterprise applications in less time. This allows your business to reduce intermediate costs that occur between application development cycles. This will ultimately increase your organization’s overall productivity.

Furthermore, low-code tools such as drag-and-drop editors and API- centric source code can make enterprise applications much more agile and sophisticated than ever before.

Low-code development can also eliminate errors that are more likely to occur during traditional application development. This will ultimately help your business save costs on updating and addressing source code errors.

Crust – Perfect Low-Code Platform For Your Business

According to Gartner, 65% of all applications will be created using low-code technology. Therefore, Crust’s open-source, low-code solutions are the perfect tool to help your business take advantage of the growing boom.

Crust can help your business provide a highly intuitive user experience. Even better –  you don’t have to invest a large number of organizational resources. Try a demo.

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