9 Reasons why Crust’s CRM Suite is the True Salesforce Alternative

Many CRM applications claim to be an alternative to Salesforce, the cloud-only market leader, but very few can actually justify this claim. Planet Crust’s CRM Suite has been designed to be superior in many ways to Salesforce whilst delivering a competitive feature set. If you’re looking for a Salesforce alternative, here’s why Planet Crust’s CRM Suite should be the top of your list.

1. Real Cloud Technology, not yet another WebApp

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite can be deployed in a simple mode or a more complex microservice-type mode, allowing your business to grow its deployment easily and cost-effectively. All modern businesses now have some online presence or other and expanding to “Customer Scale”, where all customers become part of that online presence is key for marketing and buyer retention. Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is written in high-performance Go and Vue.js.

2. Low Code Development Environment

Like Salesforce Lightning, Planet Crust’s CRM Suite provides a low code development environment that is essential for forward-looking commercial and marketing operations. It allows you to spin up new modules, complementary add-ons and advanced automations efficiently and at low cost.

3. Planet Crust’s CRM Suite understands Customer Identity and Access Management

Part-owned by a leading IAM business, Crust’s CRM Suite has been designed with the security and manageability of customer identities in mind. Comprehensive support for Social Logins, Active Directory, Multi-factor Authentication, SAML and LDAP all come as part of the package. We even have backend support for Salesforce logins!

4. Service Solution

Planet Crust has recently announced the upcoming release of Service Solution, to compete directly with Salesforce’s offering of the same name. Service Management, Case Management and Critical Knowledge Management all in one solution.

5. Reusable Business Logic

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is unique in offering a truly reusable approach to business logic. Automate your processes in our powerful and easy-to-use Javascript engine. Complete openness, zero lock-in and 100% ownership of the processes that give your business competitive advantage.

6. SalesOps Platform

Data formats in Planet Crust’s CRM Suite have been deliberately standardised for purposes of data analysis and data portability. That means data from the CRM Suite will work with any third party analysis, big data or AI platform on the market.

7. Mobile Ready

Everything you build on the Planet Crust’s platform is mobile ready by default, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and managing your customers via whichever device they choose.

8. Corteza Ecosystem

The Corteza software ecosystem allows you to expand your CRM Suite user experience easily and beautifully. Video, Maps, Project Management, Document Editing, File Sharing and much more to come.

9. Private Cloud and Open Source

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is the private cloud answer to the Salesforce public cloud. Why choose private cloud over public cloud? Because control of your key customer data should be yours first and foremost. Why choose Open Source? Because the freedom to decide what you want to do with your most valuable customer system should always be yours.

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