What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?

I was recently asked this question and at the same time asked to explain what free CRMs have to do with the subject of digital transformation. Naturally, we here believe that Planet Crust’s CRM is the best free CRM on the market, providing the market-leading open source Salesforce alternative. However, more importantly, we provide a low code platform that rivals “Lightning”, the Salesforce rapid application development offering in every facet. CRM is just the tip of the iceberg – with the Corteza low code platform we can build just about any type of records-centric web applications.

What is Digital Transformation?

According to Clint Boulton of cio.com, “Digital Transformation is a foundational change in how an organisation delivers value to its customers”. It is, in large part, about keeping a ruthless focus on desired outcomes which ultimately translates to satisfying your customers. And, of course, building the plan to deliver this.

Ensure that your data is easily portable

Planet Crust provides a complete CRM Suite and a break from the tired tradition of Sugar CRM and its multitude of open source CRM spin-offs. It is built on Corteza low code platform with a modern, highly scalable code base (Golang). Corteza is designed to reach software ecosystems and customers in ways that enable your organisation to magnify and intensify its reach. Need to extend to smart apps? No problems. Need to integrate with legacy applications? Tick that box too. Need to ensure that your data is easily portable from one department to another and easily talks to essential third party services? Out-of-the-box with Corteza. Need many applications on one platform, all seamlessly interacting? You got it – Corteza does that too.

Keep a customer-focused approach

Keeping a relentless, customer-focused approach today means understanding how technology can augment every step of your operational chain and administrative processes. This must be done in a joined up manner. Corteza data models naturally encourage this synergy, both by giving organisations the range of tools to map data to any existing processes and to to incorporate previously manual or isolated processes in compatible models. Additionally, as a low code platform, Corteza enables the intuitive presentation of these data models in record time.

Engage with all parts of your business

Of course, not everyone wants a CRM interface as a means to engage with all parts of their business, no matter how attractive our UI is! Luckily, Corteza has some excellent web content management features, ensuring that micro-portals can be spun up easily to address individual or even collective tasks. Not many opensource CRMs think to address this. Oro tools appear to have done a good job, but that’s about it apart from Corteza.

Tie your new data models together

Lastly, how do you tie your new data models together? You shouldn’t require something like Jira from Atlassian to achieve this. Because Corteza is data model centric, we make this task easy. Before even a single workflow or automation is written, we allow you to visualise your entire application, making it crystal clear where the process joins are. Crucially, Corteza allows you to easily revise these joins as your business evolves. The goals of Digital Transformation need to be long term and the choice of your enabling software platform should naturally take this into account. As an open source code platform, with prebuilt CRM Corteza leads the way.

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