Crust Technology at Web Summit 2019

Web Summit 2019 is one of the biggest technology conferences worldwide, with over 70.000 attendees and 1200 speakers from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. This year, we are excited to inform you that Crust Technology will be present at Web Summit.

Crust Technology is the driving force behind Corteza, the leading private cloud and open-source Salesforce Alternative. Crust’s CRM Suite is the most advanced open-source CRM platform in the world, bringing the user ecosystem, workflows and essential applications together on one unified platform. It seamlessly integrates with Customer Identity and Access Management.

The rapidly growing interest in Crust from companies all over the world makes it a logical step to have presence at Web Summit. We share common goals, such as empowering women in tech and sustainability, and both disrupt.

Web Summit 2019 takes place from November 4 – 7, 2019, and will be held in the Altice Arena and FIL, Lisbon, Portugal. To meet us at the event, and learn more about Crust, please fill in the form below.