Matrix notifications in Corteza workflows

Notification sending to Matrix can be implemented via Corteza workflows.

Steps to implement the workflow:

  •   create a Corteza eventbus queue in administration area
  •   create a new workflow to write message to queue
  •   implement a workflow to read from queue and send the message via HTTP request

Prerequisites for the Matrix notifications:

  • room ID in Matrix
  • user access token (preferrably a specific user for notifications

Example of a Matrix notification workflow

The actual exported workflows are at the end of this document.

Sending queue

A queue to hold the message data and not block any workflow.

Send notification to queue

Gather the message data and send only the contents to the queue.



   "message": "this can be HTMLas well"


Send message to Matrix

Set any necessary meta for the Matrix messaging (ie, room ID, user access token), fetch the message from queue payload and send it to Matrix via a simple HTTP request.

Sending directly to Matrix

curl -XPOST \

-d '{"msgtype":"org.matrix.custom.html","body":"foobar\n"}' \


Workflow: Send notification to queue

Workflow: Send message to Matrix

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