How to Jump-start a Digital Transformation

Implementing a digital transformation strategy can be a daunting task. However, given the global economy’s current state, it may also be essential to your business survival. Whether you need to collaborate with dealers and distributors, overhaul management healthcare solutions, build connected schools or deliver a new digital borrowing journey, there’s a good chance that digital transformation has a significant role to play in your organisation.

Crust, the open-source Low-Code Development platform, makes Digital Transformation easier.

Not all businesses have the time, money, and resources to plan an all-encompassing digital transformation strategy. However, it is useful to know that one of the most flexible and feature-rich Low-Code Development platforms is entirely free and open-source.

Crust Low-Code allows your organisation to jump-start its digital transformation quickly and safely. Crust Low-Code is developed by the same people who brought Crust CRM Suite, the leading open-source Salesforce alternative. Indeed, as an example of software application capability, you need to look no further than the CRM Suite itself or the Crust Service Solution for customer support. We built both entirely on Crust Low-Code.

The Crust platform allows you to build unlimited apps on a single platform. We provide excellent import tools, and standardise all on-board data. Even if your environment is full of old, legacy, or now unsupported software, you can easily make use of all that essential data in Crust.

Lower the barrier to successful digital transformation with automation.

Crust’s automation engine, Corredor, also lowers the barriers to successful digital transformation while keeping flexibility. Corredor is a scripting engine, unlike others:

  1. Corredor scripting is exclusively in JavaScript, probably the most popular computer language in the world. Many vendors try to “lock you in” with their proprietary scripting languages, but Crust ensures this will never be the case.
  2. Corredor can speak to and interoperate with any component across the Crust platform. Along with being able to deliver complex workflows, it can also “inject” additional interactive components in the interface and be used to customize any visual element.
  3. Corredor works seamlessly with the Crust Rest API, allowing your organisation to embrace external systems – simple, complex, or otherwise.

No doubt jump-starting a digital transformation means starting with a plan. A customer-focused approach certainly helps too. Digital transformation examples can be complete and varied. However, Crust Low Code makes starting that much more manageable and lower risk.

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