Customer Identity and Access Management with Crust’s CRM Suite

With Crust’s CRM Suite customer engagement is secure and seamless. It is built on Corteza – a low-code open-source digital work platform. Of course, having an Identity and Access Management specialist investing in your business helps. Corteza is part owned by DAASI International, Europe’s leading open source IAM consultancy. Balancing customer security with convenience is an important design goal in Corteza which has been expertly implemented by DAASI International and the Crust Technology team.

Here are some of the key features for enterprises:

1. Identity Hub

Crust technology delivers a comprehensive single sign on and federated identity hub. From social logins (“Login with Google”, “Login with Facebook”) to SAML and Active Directory, Crust’s CRM Suite easily handles disparate identities from your customer, suppliers, partners and staff and unifies them for your use. On-prem or cloud identities are treated with equal care, allowing your business to engage any party with confidence.

2. Easily re-use identities across new applications.

Businesses must evolve with increasing speed and efficiency to customer requirements. Corteza low code development environment allows you to spin up rich web applications quickly, securely re-using the customer identities stored on the platform.

3. Multi-Factor Authentication

Your Multi-Factor Authentication solution should deliver real choice and not be an imposition or carry heavy management overhead. Crust’s CRM Suite tightly integrates with the entire PrivacyIDEA suite of multi-factor authentication protocols. Your business can choose from a range of options including email and SMS one-time passwords, QR code scanning, certificates and hardware tokens.

4. Give the right people the right access to the right things.

Crust Technology delivers granular access control to all resources on the Corteza platform. For example, rules can be implemented not just across Crust’s CRM Suite modules, pages and fields, but also on Automations and Workflows. With Corteza, almost every single feature that you create can be tailored with specific access rules should your security policy require it.

5. Sensitive Data

Corteza enables sensitive data controls at the heart of its architecture. Done properly, this is not just for GDPR, but applies equally to financial regulation, HIPAA and other compliance legislation. Corteza makes it easy and inexpensive to link someone permanently to their sensitive data across all platform applications.

Want to try it out yourself?

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