The Planet Crust Marks

These Guidelines cover the Planet Crust marks in word or logo form. This set of marks is collectively referred to as the “Planet Crust Marks.”

General Guidelines for Using the Planet Crust Marks

Product Quality

It is fundamentally important to us that any permitted use of the Planet Crust Marks is of the highest quality and integrity and meets the highest standards. To ensure this is the case, we reserve the right to revoke your permission at any time.

Fair Use

We acknowledge and support your right to make “fair use” of the Planet Crust Marks, and do not mean to suggest with these Guidelines that our permission is required in such cases. We cannot, however, tell you categorically what will and will not qualify as a “fair use.”

For copies of the Planet Crust logo itself, please use:

Linking to

We are pleased to permit you to link to from your website. We have provided several logo graphics for you to choose from. To use these logos you must agree that:

  • The logos will be used only on the Internet, only as a link to, and not as a favicon;
  • You will not imply or state an endorsement by Planet Crust or otherwise misrepresent your relationship with Planet Crust;
  • You will not disparage Planet Crust using the logos;
  • Your use of the logos will not be deceptive or false in any regard;
  • You will not create a browser or border environment around Planet Crust content;
  • You may link to Planet Crust content;
  • Your website will not contain content that could be construed as distasteful, offensive, or controversial, and will contain only content that is appropriate for all age groups; and
  • This permission may be rescinded at any time, in which case you will immediately remove the logos from your website.


You are welcome to make use of the Planet Crust Marks to produce merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, bags, jackets, sweatshirts, mugs, and desktop wallpapers and give them to your friends, family, community members, provided there is no commercial interest behind it. You have to request permission if you want to commercially distribute articles using the Planet Crust Marks (see “Contact Information” below to request permission).

Domain Names

If you want to include all or part of a Planet Crust Mark in a domain name, you should seek our permission (see “Contact Information” below to request permission). People naturally associate domain names with organizations whose names sound similar. Almost any use of a Planet Crust Mark in a domain name is likely to confuse someone, thus running afoul of the overarching requirement that any use of a Planet Crust Mark is not confusing. By “domain name” we mean to refer to top-level domains and second-level domains, but not sub-domains.


If you want to include all or part of a Planet Crust Mark in the name of a publication such as a book or magazine, you need our permission (see “Contact Information” below to request permission). But you can use the Planet Crust Mark in e.g. a title of review inside a magazine.

Product and Service Names, and Compatibility References

You should not include a Planet Crust Mark in the name of your product or service, regardless of whether it’s commercial or non-commercial in nature. This includes online services, such as e-commerce, community, blog, informational, promotional, and personal home page sites.

With that said, we consider it permissible to use a Planet Crust Mark in a file, folder, directory, or pathname.

We also recognize that the Community needs some way to identify projects, products, and services that are compatible with Planet Crust. Our concern is that users not be confused as to whether a compatible project, product, or service is official or not. To address that concern, we request that you indicate compatibility with Planet Crust using one of the following tag-lines (or its equivalent):

  • “Works with Planet Crust”;
  • “Uses Planet Crust”;
  • “Compatible with Planet Crust”;
  • “Powered by Planet Crust”;
  • “Runs on Planet Crust”;
  • “For use with Planet Crust”; or
  • “For Planet Crust”.

Business Names

You should not include a Planet Crust Mark in the name of your company or business.


We welcome comment and constructive criticism, and we try to have a good sense of humor. It’s fine to use the Planet Crust Marks in your discussion, commentary, criticism, or parody, in ways that unequivocally do not imply endorsement. Please do not create mock or parody products with names based on the Planet Crust Marks. Also, please be aware that, in our opinion, it is not “fair use” to use the Planet Crust Marks in a manner that disparages Planet Crust or Planet Crust Project.

All Other Uses

All other uses of the Planet Crust Marks need to be reserved by us, but we are available to discuss terms for use.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you need assistance regarding these Guidelines, e.g. for discussing your case or requesting permission, using our contact form.

License for these Guidelines

These Guidelines are published under Version 3 of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License, and are derived in part from the openSUSE Trademark Guidelines (February 13, 2017), which in turn is derived in part from the OpenSolaris Trademark Policy 1.0 (May 5, 2008), the Ubuntu and Mozilla Trademark guidelines.

We reserve the right to make changes to the guidelines at any time without notification. We last updated the guidelines on November 9 2021.