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How Can Low-Code Development Bring Data Science To People

Data science is defined as an interdisciplinary field that leverages the power of large amounts of complex data to uncover valuable insights, which consequently aids in decision-making processes. It has traditionally only been accessible for trained or highly skilled software developers with a deep understanding of coding and analytic software. However, with the rise of […]

What Is the Purpose Of Fleet Management?

Fleet management is defined as the procurement, supervision and maintenance of vehicles, vehicular equipment, driver safety and associated costs of the retainment of vehicles. Studies show that the global fleet management industry is expected to reach a market value of approximately $33.9 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 10.5%. However, as the amount of […]

How Can You Manage A Company When Employees Work Remotely?

As digital technology continues to evolve at an extremely exponential rate, more and more businesses are beginning to take advantage of the various benefits of a remote workforce. Recent studies have shown that companies that allow and encourage remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. Therefore, remote employee work is an […]

What Does “Apache 2.0 License” Mean?

A software license is defined as a legal agreement between an end-user and the owner of a particular software program that details the terms and agreements for the use and distribution of the software. Furthermore, a software license usually outlines how many times a particular software can be downloaded, how much the use of the […]

Why Is Low-Code Perfect For Building Your HR Solution

Human resource management is one of the most crucial aspects of operating and managing any successful organization. HR managers are expected to collect, track and analyze data related to recruitment of new talent,  managing employee training, documenting payment records, tracking employee performance at regular time intervals, and much more. However, manually keeping track of this […]

What Is The Best Way To Manage Day-To-Day Activities?

Time management is an extremely important aspect of achieving both individual and organizational success. Effective time management can improve organizational efficiency, productivity, and overall profitability in the long run. However, keeping track of daily activities and tasks can be extremely impractical and can lead to potentially disastrous mistakes. Studies have shown that the average person […]

Why Assets Management Is Easy With Low-Code

Asset management is defined as a systematic approach to developing and increasing wealth over a period of time by creating a comprehensive system that can help individuals or organizations keep track of their assets efficiently and cost-effectively. However, studies show that 43% of small businesses fail to track their assets and inventory effectively. Therefore, many […]

What Are Healthcare Consulting Services And Solutions?

Healthcare consulting is defined as the utilization of advisory and consulting individuals or organizational bodies to navigate day-to-day issues and concerns during the healthcare provision process, such as increasing patient load and administrative organizational documentation. According to McKinsey, technology-driven healthcare innovation has the power to improve patient understanding and enable the delivery of accurate and […]

What are the four types of managers?

Every organization has many different organizational functions. Hence it is difficult for companies to have a linear hierarchy. It is common knowledge that the best way to manage a company is to adopt a segmented approach to leadership. This is why, in most companies, management is divided into four parts. The four types of managers […]

What Are The Steps In Making A Case Management Plan?

Case management is defined as a collaborative process of collecting, tracking, and analyzing data related to a particular case in terms of resource allocation, human resources, and services. However, manually keeping track of case-related data can not only be extremely time-consuming. It can also lead to potentially life-threatening consequences if errors are made. A comprehensive […]