What Is The Best Way To Launch A Successful Fundraising Campaign?

A fundraising campaign is any event or campaign that is established to raise financial resources for a particular cause or mission. If fundraisers are not adequately launched and managed throughout a particular campaign, it can not only significantly impact your organization but can also be detrimental to the fundraiser’s intended recipient.

Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that fundraisers run efficiently and accurately using tools such as powerful low-code solutions.

How To Run A Fundraising Campaign Efficiently

1) Monthly Recurring Gifts

Recurring donors are an extremely valuable asset to any successful fundraising campaign. Studies have shown that recurring givers have the highest prospective lifetime financial return, with recurring donors providing 42% more lifetime financial funds than initial providers.

It is extremely important that your fundraising campaign highly encourages initial fund givers to upgrade their donations to time interval-based gifts. Planet Crust CRM’s automation features can help your fundraising campaign automatically generate and send emails to donors asking them to sign up as recurring fund providers.

2) Establish Donation Channels

When donors provide funds to a fundraising campaign, it is extremely important to ensure that they can see the impact that their donations have on your cause. Therefore, your fundraising campaign should leverage the power of open donation channels to help donors not only easily donate funds but also understand where their gifts are being utilized within your organization.

Planet Crust’s easy-to-use, custom-made software can help your fundraising campaign easily generate, implement and develop donation channels.

3) Donor Contact Databases

It is extremely crucial to collect, track and keep track of your donors’ personal contact information for legal compliance and future campaigns. Storing donor contact information not only allows your fundraising campaign to contact high-paying fund providers for aid in future campaigns but will also allow your organization to send targeted communication and updates to certain donors.

Donor contact databases can help your organization easily store sensitive and confidential donor data. Manually keeping track of donor personal details and contact information can be extremely tedious and can even lead to administrative errors that can ultimately impact the success of future fundraising campaigns. Your organization should take advantage of Planet Crust’s cloud-based data storage solutions to help securely store sensitive data and information.

4) Open Communication Platforms

Communication is one of the most important aspects of the success of any fundraising campaign. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to ensure that there are open communication platforms to ensure that employees, volunteers, and fund providers are constantly kept updated about the progress of your fundraising campaign.

Planet Crust’s CRM platform is equipped with extremely powerful communication features including Jitsi, a multiplatform voice calling, instant messaging, and video conferencing platform.

Planet Crust – The Perfect Tool To Launch A Successful Fundraising Campaign

Planet Crust’s open-source low-code solutions are the perfect tool to help your organization launch and manage a successful fundraising campaign. Crust’s software is equipped with powerful features such as data-rich dashboards that can provide a comprehensive overview of the success of a campaign, an end-to-end automation engine, communication tools, and much more.

Try a demo so that your organization can take advantage of the power of low-code solutions to launch successful fundraising campaigns.

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