How Do I Choose a Development Platform?

Low-code development has quickly emerged as a leader in the software application development industry, with numerous benefits that many businesses are taking advantage of. According to Gartner, more than 65% of all application development will be performed by low-code application platforms by 2024. 

However, due to the numerous low-code application development platforms available in the market today, choosing the right software solution can prove to be difficult. 

The low-code platform that your business chooses to streamline and automate its various business processes should satisfy the following list of features that the right application development platform should have. 

Features The Best App-Development Platforms Should Have:

1) Open-source

An open-source platform is defined as any software solution that is publicly available and licensed for free. Open-source platforms allow users to modify and review source code to fit their organization’s specific requirements and future objectives. 

Choosing an open-source development platform can help your business prevent vendor lock-in, encourage fast-paced application development and increase overall organizational productivity.  

2) Standards-based

The development platform your business chooses should be standards-based to ensure cost-effective and efficient application development. With a standards-based development platform, your business will be able to share and integrate data more freely. Which will improve cross-departmental communication and foster an ideal environment for application development. 

3) Automation features

Development platforms with advanced automation features will allow your business’s sales representatives and employees to focus on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes. Routine and time-consuming tasks that would have otherwise been performed manually are automated and performed almost completely autonomously. 

Automation can lead to reduced error rates, improved customer service, and more efficient communication channels. Sales automation has been proven to boost departmental productivity by up to 14.5%. Crust’s automation engine ‘Corredor’ and visual workflow engine can help businesses streamline and automate daily routine tasks. 

4) Visual editors

Visual elements play a vital role in the success of any low-code application. Therefore, your enterprise applications must have an attractive and user-friendly visual user interface. However, citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience may find it difficult to create complex and high-functioning visual features manually. 

However, Crust’s visual editors and drag-and-drop tools can help citizen developers create elaborate applications within minutes, with the associated coding language being automatically supported. 

5) Advanced dashboards

Crust offers businesses various rich dashboards that can provide a 360-degree view of client history and behaviour. These dashboards are also equipped with various graphic visualization tools. These tools can create custom charts, which will help you obtain valuable metrics and insights. 

Corteza – Best Application Development Platform For Your Business

Corteza open-source, low-code development platform Corteza, developed and maintained by Planet Crust, is the perfect tool to help your business create complex enterprise applications more efficiently and productively than ever. Corteza offers users automation capabilities, drag-and-drop features, advanced dashboards, and chart-making tools. Ideal for making the application development process much easier. Get started for free so that your business can take advantage of the power of low-code platforms.

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