How can government agencies prepare for the future?

With considerable modern advancements in organisational communication strategies and information technology infrastructure, government agencies have been tasked with effectively preparing for disaster and serving constituents while having limited access to physical and financial resources.

The changing definition of what ‘work’ is has forced government agencies to reevaluate their planning and operational strategies, as well as evolve their overall preparation for the future. There are different strategies that government agencies can take advantage of. Like this, they can ensure that they are prepared for future operational trends and technological advances.

1) Culture of learning

Digital technology continues to evolve exponentially. So, government agency employees are exposed to a workplace culture that promotes and encourages continued learning and curiosity. This helps them adapt to changing automated workplace technology and operational strategies.

Human-centric IT and cloud-based software systems will create better and more efficient communication channels so that your government agency’s operations can become more productive, effective and streamlined. Encouraging a culture of learning in your government agency is a valuable investment in your organisation’s future. Employees are 37% more productive at organisations that value workplace learning than their counterparts that don’t.

2) Emotional intelligence

As employee’s mental health becomes more and more of a priority in building safe workplaces, emotional intelligence will continue to be an extremely important aspect of employee communication and productivity in the future. More than 65% of employees believe that emotional intelligence is just as important as intelligence quotients (IQ) in workplaces today. This statistic is only expected to increase further in the future. The benefits of prioritising employee emotional intelligence include better self-awareness, increased motivation and higher productivity on an individual employee basis.

3) Modern hiring practices

As your government agency’s operations continue to evolve, so should your hiring practices and strategies. In the future, your government agency should work on addressing unconscious bias in order to ensure the recruitment of the best possible organisational talent. New hires should also be highly familiar with technological advances so that time-consuming government tasks can be highly automated. This will then allow employees to work on more substantial, high-level agency tasks.

Furthermore, as workspaces continue to evolve culturally and become increasingly diverse, cross-cultural competence should be a valued skill considered during the government agency employee hiring process. The open-source low-code platform by Crust helps you automate and organise workflows and make comprehensive databases of your employees. This makes information retrieval and decision-making easier for HR managers while hiring.

The Perfect Tool To Prepare Your Government Agency For the Future

Corteza, the open-source low-code platform developed by Crust is the best way to help your government agency properly prepare for the future. From a variety of visualisation and graphics tools to dashboards with a 360-degree view of citizen history, Crust has everything. So, with this solution, your government agency has what it needs to keep up with future technological trends and advances. Try a demo so that you can best prepare your government agency for the future.

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