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How the combination of open-source and low-code enable total data portability

With a combination of open source software and low code development, organizations can be freed from vendor lock-in and maintain full control over their data. With the low code revolution now well underway, business leaders are starting to consider its impact on regulatory compliance, privacy, and security. However, vendor lock-in and a general lack of […]

3 ways standardization enhances low-code and open-source security

In simplifying software development, low code can also help reduce cybersecurity complexity, thanks to enhanced standardization and integration. Over the past couple of decades, the technical footprint of many enterprises has become very complex and difficult to maintain. As business leaders struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving customer demands and all the ancillary […]

Why low-code is the perfect learning tool for software developers

While low-code development is known for its drag-and-drop simplicity, the ability to view and edit the underlying code also makes it the perfect learning tool. Most professional software developers agree that it takes several months just to get familiar with the basics of coding, and that assumes having a high level of general technical knowledge […]

How low code helps software developers embrace rapid change

Low-code software development has proven instrumental in facilitating innovation at scale in today’s constantly evolving and unpredictable business environment. Until the widespread adoption of modern software systems, most routine business processes remained largely unchanged and, indeed, unchangeable over short timespans. In those times, innovations often took many years to enter the mainstream, and organizations could […]

7 ways low-code solutions accelerate digital transformation

By making software development less burdensome on resources, low-code contributes to the acceleration of digital transformation and business-wide innovation. It is often said that every company is a software company. Computers play a key role in almost everything we do. They are becoming embedded in everything from the cars we drive to the homes and […]

How enterprise software teams are unlocking the value of low code to adapt and scale

Internal low-code development platforms empower collaboration at scale, accelerate software delivery, and establish an enterprise-wide culture of innovation. Change is the only constant in the fast-paced world of enterprise technology. Businesses face growing pressure to innovate and adapt as customer expectations evolve and disruptive new solutions enter the market. Thus, agility has become a necessity […]

Low-code versus traditional development: A primer for independent software vendors

Independent software vendors take pride in having talented developers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the low-code revolution. Independent software vendors (ISVs) face constantly increasing pressure to deliver innovative software solutions to their customers in as little time as possible while maintaining the level of quality they expect. Unfortunately, this also means that […]

How to Use Low-code Development to Advance Business Process Management

How low-code development platforms advance business process management and eliminate the costs associated with custom coding. Adaptability and continuous improvement are two of the defining characteristics of any modern business. More than ever, success is determined by the ability to scale and adapt a business’s workflow potential in line with constantly changing demands. Business process […]